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Book of the Month

First Book of Classical Flute with Piano Accompaniment (includes Online Audio)

First Book of Classical Flute with Piano Accompaniment (includes Online Audio)

— Compilation
Arranged by Andrea Cappellari

If you're in search of supplementary material for a beginner flute, look no further than this exceptional book of classical tunes. It presents an excellent option for learners, as it systematically builds proficiency by focusing on specific ranges of notes and then gradually introduces new rhythms and time signatures. This method significantly enhances the ability to read sheet music effectively.

One of the book's strengths lies in the inclusion of accompaniment options, whether it be through live accompaniment or online resources. This aspect fosters real music-making from the early stages of the learning process, making the experience more engaging and rewarding.

Additionally, the book provides a fingering chart for each section, a valuable tool that facilitates learning and promotes accurate note production. It wisely introduces faster note values only after ensuring that the foundational fingerwork has been thoroughly mastered, ensuring a steady and effective progression.

By the time learners reach the end of the book, they will find that achieving grade one proficiency seems much more attainable. This structured approach effectively prepares students for more complex musical challenges.

As part of a comprehensive teaching strategy, this book is a highly recommended purchase. Its thoughtful design and systematic progression make it an intelligent and beneficial addition to any beginner flute player's journey.

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Flute of the Month

Jupiter JFL-700EC Flute

Jupiter JFL-700EC Flute

The Jupiter student flute is well-engineered to ensure good reliability and durability. The headjoint has been designed to be easy to produce a good sound on, and the .925 solid riser (a feature not usually found on flutes at this price level) improves the tone quality further. The flute comes in a light case and slimline shoulder bag, making it easy for school students to take to and from school.

The Concert Box model includes a 5-year warranty via registration (as opposed to our standard 3-year warranty on Jupiter flutes), making this flute outstanding value for money.

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Flute Essentials

Just Flutes Flute Cleaning Kit

Just Flutes Flute Cleaning Kit

Our flute maintenance kit includes everything you need to keep your instrument in top working order.

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Five outstanding pieces to enhance your ARSM

Take advantage of the own-choice option and broaden your repertoire with these stunners!

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Open up a whole new world to inspire young and enthusiastic flute players with this eclectic selection of books.

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