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VAT Assisted Purchases

Many schools and LEAs offer the VAT Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme. This allows parents of pupils at these schools to buy a musical instrument without paying the VAT, saving a large sum of money.

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Do you qualify for VAT Assisted Purchase?

Please contact your school or LEA to check if you are eligible. We can deal directly with any authority. Generally, the rules are:

  •  The student must be in full-time education at an LEA school or Academy.
  •  The student must be having lessons at the school from a LEA or Academy-employed teacher.
  •  This scheme is not available to students learning outside of school, or those at Private or Grant Maintained schools, or students at university.

Please note: eligibility criteria are set by the school or LEA. Any queries regarding eligibility should be directed to the school or LEA.

How to buy via this scheme

  •  The student chooses an instrument from our range.
  •  The parent places an order with the school or LEA, stating the instrument, supplier (Just Flutes) and ex-VAT price. (VAT is currently set at 20%. To calculate the ex-VAT price of an instrument, divide its inc-VAT price by 1.2)
  •  The parent pays the school or LEA the ex-VAT price. Some schools or LEAs may charge a small administration fee.
  •  The school or LEA places an order with us for the chosen instrument.
  •  We despatch the instrument to the school or LEA, for collection by the parent or student.