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Repair studio

Our repair studio, run by Ian McLauchlan, is here to help you keep your instrument in ship-shape playing order. From minor repairs to full overhauls, dent removal, lip-plate replacement and decorative engraving, our team of expert technicians are here to help you.

Flute repairs and servicing in London

About the Studio

Ian McLauchlan is our full-time on-site flute repairer. Along with our team of specialist woodwind technicians we are able to repair, service and overhaul all types of woodwind instrument. Ian McLauchlan has been repairing, servicing and overhauling flutes and making flute and piccolo headjoints since 1980, and is available to discuss maintenance issues or ongoing problems that you may be experiencing.

How Often?

We recommend bringing your instrument into our studio to be checked once a year. This helps to ensure that everything is working smoothly and there are no problems around the corner.

We suggest that all woodwind instruments should also be given a general service every two years. This will help keep mechanical wear to a minimum, meaning that your instrument will continue to be reliable.

Booking In

We are often booked up well in advance for repair and servicing work. For this reason we operate a booking-in system. For student instruments, work can take approximately 10 days. Intermediate and professional instruments are usually booked in for a particular day, so that you can bring your instrument in in the morning and collect at the end of the day. Please be sure to arrange a date well in advance, especially in the run-up to holidays and school half terms. We try our best to carry out small repairs while you wait; but major surgery can take a little longer!

Please note that we are unable to accept instruments without a case for repair

If you can't get to us to bring the instrument, we frequently carry out repairs and services by post. It's totally safe and reliable. We suggest Royal Mail Special Delivery, although there are plenty of couriers out there. Make sure your instrument is well-packed and adequately insured in transit (as most instrument insurance policies don't cover an instrument in transit). Remember to include as many contact details for you as possible! Instruments for repair should be addressed to:

Repair Studio
Jonathan Myall Music
46 South End
United Kingdom

To book an instrument in for service or repair, please contact our studio on 020 8662 8400, or by email via Ian McLauchlan's website.


Repairs are priced upon what work needs to be carried out.

Please note that we can only give a rough estimate for repair work before we see your instrument, and so we suggest that you bring or send your instrument to us for evaluation.

We offer three levels of service: Thorough Check (Interim Service), General Service and Overhaul.

Thorough Check (Interim Service)

This is putting the instrument in to good working order. We suggest this every year or so. Includes:

  • Ensuring that all pads are sealing properly
  • Ensuring that the adjustment is correct between linked keys
  • Checking and adjusting, if necessary, the fitting of the joints
  • In flutes, inspecting the sealing of the headjoint cork and replacing if necessary
  • Giving the instrument a dust off and general clean
  • Oiling the keywork

Price guide

  • Piccolo from £80.00
  • Flute from £100.00
  • Clarinet from £70.00
  • Bass Clarinet from £70.00
  • Soprano/Alto/Tenor Saxophone from £95.00
  • Baritone Saxophone from £115.00
  • Oboe from £105.00
  • Cor Anglais from £130.00
  • Bassoon from £150.00

General Service

Your instrument should be serviced every two years. Includes the work of a Thorough Check, plus:

  • The instrument is totally stripped down and cleaned
  • Pad sealing is checked and adjusted
  • Any worn or torn pads are replaced
  • Dents are removed as far as possible
  • The old oil is fully removed and the keys are re-oiled and adjusted
  • On corked instruments, joint corks are fitted and replaced as necessary

Price guide

  • Piccolo from £115.00
  • Flute from £140.00
  • Clarinet from £140.00
  • Bass Clarinet from £225.00
  • Soprano/Alto/Tenor Saxophone from £215.00
  • Baritone Saxophone from £250.00
  • Oboe from £175.00
  • Cor Anglais from £225.00
  • Bassoon from £300.00


This is over and above the work of a ‘General Service’ and involves putting the instrument back, as far as possible, to ‘As New’ condition. Includes the work of a General Service, plus:

  • The instrument is totally disassembled
  • End play (longways mechanism movement) is removed from the keywork
  • All pads are replaced
  • On corked instruments, joints are fully re-corked

Price guide

  • Piccolo from £300.00
  • Flute from £390.00
  • Clarinet from £280.00
  • Bass Clarinet from £390.00
  • Soprano/Alto/Tenor Saxophone from £455.00
  • Baritone Saxophone from £555.00
  • Oboe, Cor Anglais and Bassoon - POA

Payment Methods

You are welcome to pay for repairs and servicing by cash. We can also accept credit and debit cards for flute repairs, but not currently for other instruments.

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