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Educational quotes

Large orders from schools, colleges and universities may qualify for discounted prices on music, instruments and accessories!

School children 

We have heard on many occasions of teachers and schools being supplied instruments which have not seen a human hand since they were boxed up at the manufacturer, and have certainly not been set up. Faced with such an instrument, they have then had to endure wasting an entire lesson setting up the instruments themselves: removing shrink-wrap and shipping corks, greasing joints, oiling valves. Even then, a surprisingly high percentage of instruments don't work (or sometimes even fit together).

We won't do this to you. We can't emphasise strongly enough how we feel about this. Every instrument we supply is set up and play tested by a professional musician before leaving our doors. Every instrument is well-packaged to protect it while it is being shipped to you. Every instrument we supply will require zero set up. So teachers can carry on with what they're supposed to do: teach.

If you are from a school or other educational institution and would like a quote on instruments, contact us.