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Instrument Insurance

Unfortunately, musical instrument theft is an all-too common occurrence which you should be aware of. Many household policies offer adequate cover for musical instruments; however, do check the small print carefully. We've made a list below for you to check with your current insurer.

Even if you have a home insurance policy that includes named item cover, there are still many advantages to having a policy with a specialist insurer, as they usually offer cover for a much wider range of situations, and often with a lower excess than standard domestic policies.

Insurance policy checklist

  • Do you use your instrument as part of your profession? If so, household cover is unlikely to cover you in the event of a claim.
  • Do you sometimes take your instrument abroad? Unless you notify your insurer first, you may not be covered.
  • Does a child take the instrument to school or college? If stolen from a classroom or locker, your instrument might not be covered.
  • Do you take your instrument out by car or public transport? If stolen from a car or left on a train, household cover may not pay out.

Jonathan Myall Music is an introducer for Newmoon insurance. Newmoon offer market-leading musical instrument insurance with cover against loss, theft and accidental damage with no excess as standard. Products are designed to meet the needs of all kinds of musicians at competitive prices. Newmoon have extensive experience of musical instrument insurance and empathy with musicians, instrument repairers and instrument retailers: the Newmoon team are musicians themselves and all are insurance experts.

Musical Instrument Insurance

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