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Intern - Social Media

Part-time (3 days a week)

Posted 27 February 2020

We’re looking for an intern on a 6-month basis, to assist with our social media output.

Our intern will gain experience of:

  • Researching, creating and posting social media content to increase engagement
  • Increasing follower growth rate
  • Keeping up with latest trends
  • Working with influencers to promote the Just Flutes brand
  • Reporting and analysing results against Key Performance Indicators

To apply, please select and complete any two of the following tasks.

  1. Suggest two types of social media content you would want Just Flutes to explore, and how you would capitalise on them.
  2. Pick two posts from any of our social media output over the last three months, and critique them. Explain how you might have written the content differently and anything else you would have changed.
  3. Create two imaginary posts illustrating how Lizzo could continue to help expand interest in the flute.
  4. Suggest a social media competition, and explain how it would work.

Important: We do not want to see your CV, or know things like your name, age or work history. We are not interested in your gender, ethnic background or musical ability. Instead, send us an email with an attachment(s) including your selected tasks and a covering letter explaining what you can bring to the role.

Your email itself should contain your full contact details - just not in the attachment(s). Remember - please do not mention your age, name, school, college or work experience in your attachments. We ask only that you are passionate about social media, understand our niche in the market and are (relatively) local to us.

The internship itself is based largely in our Croydon showroom and is paid. Applications close on 27 March, but we are expecting a lot of interest so please get your application in earlier if you can. Email your application to:

Work Experience

Unfortunately, we do not offer work experience placements.