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Sell an instrument

Given Up? Upgrading?

If you are no longer using your old instrument, don't leave it to gather dust in a cupboard! Our consignment service can help you realise the money which is tied up in your instrument.

Money and piggy banks

Why do we think our consignment service is the bee's knees?

  • Competitive commission fees, starting at just 15% including VAT*.
  • Quick turnaround on the most popular instruments...
  • ...and you can name a reserve price for an even quicker sale.
  • You are in full control of the price, unlike auction sites where the final selling price is anyone's guess.
  • No hassle. We do the advertising, selling, payment processing and deal with any problems which may arise.
  • More payment options for your buying customers: we accept credit cards as well as cash.
  • Large established customer base - we probably already have customers who are looking for your instrument.
  • Better advertisement. Our website offers professional-quality photographs, descriptions and the option to buy online, and is viewed by tens of thousands of people each month.
  • Commitment-free. If you change your mind, or find a private buyer in the time that your instrument is with us, you can pick it up.  


How to sell through us

  • Please read full terms
  • We will generally sell any pre-owned woodwind instrument which we sell new; if we don't list your instrument in our new instrument section, please contact us first to find out whether we can sell your instrument.
  • Send your instrument to us.
  • Once we've received your instrument, we'll get in touch, and suggest a suggested selling price. We will also give you details and prices of any repair work or pre-sale checks which we believe are necessary (see Instrument Set-Up), as well as a firm commission rate offer.
  • When you've decided on a selling price, our repair studio will invoice you for the agreed set-up work.
  • We list your instrument for sale, advertising it on our website and in our showroom.
  • When one of our customers buys your instrument, we send you a cheque for the selling price minus our commission fee.


Send Us Your Instrument

We suggest Royal Mail Special Delivery, which is available from the Post Office, although there are plenty of other couriers out there. Make sure your instrument is well packed and adequately insured in transit (as most instrument insurance policies don't cover an instrument in transit). Remember to include as many contact details as possible! Instruments for sale should be addressed to:

Pre-owned Instrument Sales
Jonathan Myall Music
46 South End


Instrument Set-Up

We require that all pre-owned instruments we sell are in good playing order. This is for three main reasons:

  • To protect the customer who buys your instrument
  • To ensure a quicker sale of your instrument
  • To maximise return on your instrument

Second hand instruments which have been set to good playing order always sell sooner - and at a higher price - than those which haven't. Because of this, we may need to do some set-up work on your instrument to ensure that it is at the high standard that our customers expect. Please note that any repair costs must be paid in full before the instrument will be offered for sale.

We are unable to purchase instruments from customers, and generally do not offer part-exchange. This is for VAT & tax reasons. Selling an instrument through the scheme above offers a far better return.

* Commission rates start at 15% inc. VAT if you buy a brand new instrument of the same or higher standard from us at the time of agreeing a used instrument sale. Otherwise, our commission rate will depend on the value of the instrument you are selling (typically 20% inc. VAT). A minimum commission of £40.00 including VAT applies.

Terms We will advertise the instrument at the agreed price, although you have the option to set a "reserve price", which is not advertised. By agreeing a "reserve price", you will not be contacted by us to confirm your acceptance if an offer is made which meets this price. Proceeds of the sale will be sent to you by cheque at the end of the month following the month of sale. For example: If we sell your instrument on 3rd January, the proceeds of the sale will be sent at the end of February. Our commission is taken as a percentage of the price for which the instrument was sold. Whilst we try our utmost to sell pre-owned instruments as early as we can, there is no guarantee as to how long it will take to sell your instrument. Your instrument must be insured under your own policy whilst on the premises of Jonathan Myall Music, until it is sold. Any repair costs (for which our studio will invoice you directly) must be paid in full before the instrument will be offered for sale. There is an admin fee of £20.00 inc VAT per instrument if you collect your instrument, which covers our time spent photographing and uploading your instrument to our web site. This fee will be waived if we have had the instrument for 4 months or longer.