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Our Consignment Scheme vs eBay

Selling Price

Typically, instruments that sell through us achieve a selling price of between 20% and 30% higher than listings on eBay*. This is because our buyers trust that we will supply them with a high-quality instrument that will work from day one and not arrive needing expensive repair work.

Commission Rate

eBay's commission rate is 12.8% (plus any additional listing fees + 30p).

Our commission rates are all inclusive, starting at 15% plus VAT**. You may come to the conclusion that it's worth paying the extra few percent commission, in return for a potential 30% higher selling price.

Hassle Factor

Selling privately is a lot of work: listings, photographs, secure shipping, fraudulent payments, customer returns, quibbles. Using our Consignment Scheme, we deal with all aspects of the sale for you.


* Data February 2017. Ten popular models were compared to average selling prices on like-for-like listings on eBay.

** Commission rates start at 15% plus VAT if you buy a brand new instrument of the same or higher standard from us at the time of agreeing a used instrument sale. Otherwise, our commission rate will depend on the value of the instrument you are selling (typically 20% plus VAT). A minimum commission of £50.00 including VAT applies.