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Flute Courses

Flutes en Vacances in Suffolk!

Tuesday, 19 July - Monday, 8 August

Where? Earls Hall, Cockfield, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. IP30 0JD

July 19th – 22nd

Suffolk Adults 1. 3 nights stay or 6 nights for courses 1 and 2. 1:1 intensive adult flutes, all levels. 4 places only for maximun attention. Explore the world of flute technique with Julie Wright. Suits beginner to advanced player with programme tailored to suit level All levels of adult saxophone ensemble SATB workshops. 2 parallel courses

Course starts from 17.00 on 19th and ends at 11.00 on 22nd

July 22nd-25th

Suffolk Adults 2. 3 nights or stay 6 nights for courses 1 and 2. Only 6/7 places. Alto and bass flute players also welcome. Intermediate levels of adult flute ensembles; grades 4-8. Ensemble coaching, tone, technique, repertoire sessions. Late starters and lapsed learners are our speciality. Play music, eat good home cooking and meet like minded others in the beautiful setting of Earls Hall with it’s wonderful gardens. 1:1 intensive adult saxophone, all levels. 2 parallel courses

Course starts from 17.00 on 22nd and ends at 11.00 on 25th

August 1st- 5th

Suffolk Adults 5. 4 nights or 7 nights if combined with course 6. Adult flute 1:1 intensive course. Only 4 places. Explore the world of flute technique with Julie Wright. Suits beginner to advanced player with programme tailored to suit level Adult saxophone ensemble workshop. 2 parallel courses.

Course starts from 17.00 on 1st and ends at 11.00 on the 5th.

August 5th – 8th

Suffolk Adults 6. Advanced adult flutes – minimum certified grade 8; diploma and teachers. Secure reading is essential. 3 nights or stay 7 nights when combined with course 5. Adult flute ensemble coaching with tone, technique and repertoire sessions. Adult clarinet course: ensembles and 1:1 course. 2 parallel courses.

Course starts at 17.00 on 5th August. Course ends at 11.00 on 8th August

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Flutastique! BFS London Flute Festival

Friday, 19 August - Sunday, 21 August

Where? St John's Smith Square,Smith Square, London SW1P 3HA

Flutastique! The BFS London Flute Festival 2016

by Edward Blakeman

It's going to be Flutastique! - a fantastic celebration of British playing with a French twist.

The BFS London Flute Festival 2016 is for all of us and it's about all of us.  We are hugely fortunate in the UK to have a dual heritage as flute players - a fusion of British and French influences which makes our approach to the flute unique.

The ambition for the Festival is to celebrate the richness and variety of UK flute playing.  Part of this richness is a sense of history.  During the lifetime of William Bennett - the BFS's President, whose 80th birthday we will be marking - the art of flute playing in the UK has been completely transformed, notably by influences from France.  It was Wibb's teacher, Geoffrey Gilbert, who opened British ears to the bewitching flexibility and colour of the French style of playing and so many players today have inherited this tradition through their teachers - or their teachers' teachers!  But this wasn't just a matter of copying the French.  Assimilating would be a better description and the result was a fusion of all that was best in the two traditions.

Meanwhile we not only have a dual heritage of playing style, we also have a shared repertoire of flute music.  French flute music clearly goes hand in hand with French playing style.  But what does British flute music tell us about our heritage?  To attempt to answer that question we thought it would be fascinating to put British and French music side by side.  We are asking each player, therefore, as the centrepiece of their recital to juxtapose a favourite piece of French and British repertoire and to tell us what these pieces mean to each of them.

We have three summer days for the BFS London Flute Festival in the wonderful light and airy space of St John's Smith Square in London.  All the events, recitals and gala concerts will take place in the main hall and we will be surrounded by showcase tables full of flutes, music and gadgets - for browsing and buying.  It will be one massive Flute Room.  What bliss!

Hopefully you will want to come to the whole Festival, to dip and out of it as the fancy takes you, and there is a special price advance weekend ticket offer - an Early Bird Three-Day Festival Pass - on sale now.  If you can only be there for part of the time, there will be separate day tickets, and tickets for each of the Friday, Saturday and Sunday Gala Concerts.

Friday 19 August, the first day of the Festival, is all about listening, learning and doing – and you can do any or all of those!  Come and take part, or come and just watch as Katherine Bryan launches the Festival with a session on ‘warming up’ and a short recital, which leads into a Flute Choir rehearsal with the inimitable Atarah Ben Tovim.  A celebrity recital with Adam Walker rounds off the morning and after lunch we move on to an afternoon of workshops, full of hints, tips and experience.  Flautists including Clare Southworth, Lisa Beznosiuk, Philippa Davies and Sarah Newbold share their expertise in playing and teaching with subjects like Flute Reboot ('rediscover the joy of the flute'), Baroque on the Modern Flute, Contemporary Techniques, Practising, and Love Your Piccolo.  Come and be inspired!  There is then a break to explore the showcase tables before the first Gala Concert in the evening, featuring Sam Coles and Friends.

Saturday is a musical feast of celebrity recitals – with Denis Bouriakov, Lorna McGhee, Rachel Brown, Michael Cox and Stewart McIlwham - plus some of the newest young talents: the prizewinners of the BFS Flute Competition.  The day reaches a climax with a very special Gala Concert in the evening.  This is an extravaganza with Wibb and Friends celebrating his 80 glorious years of flute playing.  Not to be missed!  It's kindly sponsored by Altus Flutes.

Sunday morning features a concert with the Flute Choir and flute ensembles - and a special guest - and then two more celebrity recitals with Emily Beynon and Wibb.  Finally, after a last chance to browse and buy - and grab a bite of lunch! - the final Gala Concert showcases the flute today in British orchestras with some of the brightest young principal players from around the UK.

Throughout the Festival there will of course be many opportunities to meet old friends and make new ones, to share our experiences - our own stories of the flute.  Mine began around the age of twelve when I became fascinated with the flute.  I can't now remember exactly how or why, but there was a moment when I knew I just had to play it.  I had to wait a whole year for the school instrument to become available - so by the time I started to have lessons, I couldn't get enough of the flute.

The school instrument was a wooden Rudall Carte - very British and so was my kind but firm first teacher.  The first flute that I owned - it cost my parents £60, those were the days! - was nickel plated and my new teacher began to talk about names like Taffanel and Moyse and a different way of making the flute sound expressive.  My second flute was silver, with open holes, and my next teacher was a former pupil of Albert Honey, who had studied with Geoffrey Gilbert.  That was when I began to explore the richness of French flute music - I remember playing the Romance from the Widor Suite endlessly.  Then after music college and university, when I was teaching and playing for a living (and for a time I was Chairman of the BFS) I was lucky to discover a private archive in Paris with a collection of papers belonging to the great French player Paul Taffanel.  That occupied me for many years and resulted in a book: Taffanel - Genius of the Flute.  Meanwhile, I had joined the BBC full time as a music producer at Radio 3 and the there was less time for playing the flute.  But it has always been there in the background.

(Incidentally, is it a bit like riding a bike, playing the flute?  Something that once learned becomes a part of you, and you never forget, even if you don't do it all the time?  And if you fall in love with the flute when you are young, do you end up a bit like a stick of seaside rock, with the word 'flute' somehow running right through you, even if your life takes you in lots of other directions?  I like to think so!)

In recent years I've become fascinated with the Baroque flute and the origins of the solo repertoire and I'm in the middle of writing a new book about another famous flute player.  I've also just completed twenty seasons closely involved in running the BBC Proms every summer, the last two as Director, so it will be a delight to spend some time again exclusively with the flute.

I do hope you will join me and very many other members of the BFS at the London Flute Festival.  Kate Hill is working on it with me and we are still putting the finishing touches to the programme - with a few surprises to come - and I just know it's going to be Flutastique!

Edward Blakeman
Festival Artistic Director

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Trevor Wye International Flute Summer Course 2016

Sunday, 21 August - Saturday, 27 August

Where? The Trevor Wye Studio

6 nights with Trevor Wye, Julie Wright and pianist Anne Marshall.

The Studio Course is for Advanced Players and Teachers with everyone benefitting from the chance to play to Trevor Wye and work with him on daily exercises, intonation, breathing, studies, orchestral extracts, solo repertoire, musicality and style.

A completely spectacular opportunity to study with this world renowned teacher in his incredible music studio with unique collections of music, instruments, recordings and archive material. Browse an entire library of books and sheet music and share Trevor’s memoirs of  some of the world’s greatest flute teachers and flute players.

A minimum of 6 hours tuition each day.

The Studio is situated in a beautiful rural cottage overlooking the Downs and Trevor’s collections of music and flutes is unrivalled throughout the world. You will have the chance to browse and share this slice of Flute History. 

Stay in a beautiful, historic beamed cottage just a few minutes drive away in the local village of Wye with car transport available to and from Trevor’s studio, if needed.

Travel by high speed train from London to Ashford, Kent and take a local train on to Wye station with regular connections where we will meet you.

Travel by medium speed train from London to Ashford which stops at Wye.

Cost Includes:

6 nights sleeping accommodation. Shared bedroom included or private bedrooms available at extra cost.

6 days Full board with home cooking. Breakfast, light Lunch, Dinner and coffee breaks

All tuition and use of The Studio.

8 places maximum

£795 including shared accommodation

£845  including single accommodation ( limited availability )

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The Trevor Wye Studio Summer Course

Sunday, 21 August, 18:00 - Saturday, 27 August 10:00

Where? Trevor Wye Studio, Hastingleigh, Kent, UK

A unique experience to work with Trevor Wye at his studio with music  archives and instrument library.

8 playing places  (almost full)

Day visitors welcome

There is a 6 hour daily schedule, beginning with warm up sessions with Trevor, Study Classes and Orchestral Extracts, Lectures on the History of the Flute (with the chance to see some of Trevor's extensive collection), Coached Ensembles, Tuning and Flute Maintenance/Repair/Construction and a Concert at the end of the week to show what has been worked on over the duration of the course.

Julie Wright will be on hand to help with any additional tuition, piccolo classes, ensembles and pedagogy sessions.

Everyone will benefit from the opportunity to play with Anne Marshall, our course pianist.

The course is open to UK and International flute players of all standards, from adults who may be just beginning or wanting some refresher lessons to students and players studying degrees in Music at University or Conservatoires and Professionals.

Fully residential with participants staying in the local village of Wye.

Full Board and all tuition included.

No car needed and we can collect from Wye station

contact :-



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Flute Holiday with Philippa Davies

Sunday, 4 September, 18:00 - Saturday, 10 September 10:00

Where? 'Cubertou' 46700 St Martin le Redon, France

A rare opportunity for amateur players, teachers and early professionals to enhance their skills dramatically with this exceptional performer and teacher.

Philippa Davies is an inspirational performer who is an international soloist, chamber musician  and guest principal with the major orchestras. She is a wonderful teacher who launches conservatoire students on successful careers and also knows how to get the best out of adult players.

You will be immersed in music making and enjoy workshops on all aspects of playing and performing with this world class musician.

The course is limited to 16 participants so all players get direct tuition from Philippa Davies.

Prices (include tuition, meals and wine with supper)

Single Room:                                             £700 / 950€
Shared Twin Room:                                  £550 / 745€
Cubertou Bell Tent (sole occupant):      £550 / 745€
Bring your own Tent:                               £400 / 545€

Further information and application forms at

Or email us with any questions  at


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The Flowing Flautist Retreat: a 3 day flute course with Dr. Jessica Quinones and Guest Teachers

Friday, 16 September, 16:00 - Sunday, 18 September 16:00

Where? St. Agnes, Cornwall, (near Truro)

What is the Flowing Flautist retreat about?
This isn't your typical flute retreat!
This 3 day course is created to provide you the tools and techniques help your musicality flow. Achieving a state of flow is about being ‘in the zone’ and finding the ‘magic’ in your playing so that you can tap into more joy and creativity in your unique musicianship.

Refine your flute skills and learn how to express your self musically.

This retreat is for you if...
You’re wanting to find your musical flow with ease and grace
You’re feeling ‘stuck’ or ‘bored’ in your current musical patterns
You desire to learn how movement can better support artistic expression
You’re open to playful musical experimentation in a supportive, relaxed and friendly setting
You’re craving fresh and innovative approaches to interpretation and musical creativity

t's a 3-day experience.
Day 1 is devoted to clarity: figuring out what’s going on internally with your flute playing, including exploration of mindfulness, meditation and breathwork.
Day 2 is devoted to originality: you’ll have 9 hours of practical, hands-on flute workshops to try out new fresh interpretation ideas, improvisation, movement and expression.
Day 3 is devoted to integration: including a morning flute ensemble session and then 2 further workshops to assimilate the weekend’s topics to put musical flow into your everyday.

With Guest Practitioners Ruth Ballantyne, Odry Bastianello, Biljana Lipic and Mike Nottage.

The retreat also includes gorgeous award-wining accommodation in the heart of St. Agnes, a welcome Cornish cream tea, free time to relax (sea kayaking, surfing, a spa massage, take a snooze!), and lots of delicious food—including a Sunday picnic from the famous Genki Beach hut café.

FOR MORE please visit or email Jessica at

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Flutes en Vacances in Scotland   Flutes with Julie Wright and Clarinets with Nicholas Foster

Friday, 23 September, 18:00 - Monday, 26 September 12:00

Where? Blairgowrie, Tayside, Perthshire, Scotland

A 3 day week end course for all levels of Adult flute player with Julie Wright and Adult clarinet players with Nicholas Foster.

Tone, Technique, repertoire and coached ensembles in workshop sessions. 1 : 1 help available, too.

Stay in this beautiful house with many bedrooms ensuite and ample space to rehearse. Centrally heated with unlimited hot water.  Delicious home cooking with special diets catered for where possible.


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Flutes en Vacances in Capranica-Sutri, near Rome, Italy!

Saturday, 8 October - Saturday, 15 October

Where? Capranica-Sutri, near Rome, Italy

8th – 15th October

Retreat to Italy!

Stay 5 – 7 nights in this restored monastery, farmhouse and stable with 25 hectares of private land; the place for a musical retreat.

We work all morning, take lunch out whilst sight seeing all afternoon and return at 17.00 with more playing until dinner at 19.30. Feel free to continue playing after dinner –  there are no neighbours to disturb! The tuition will be a mixture of ensembles and individual help depending on the balance of the players. Opt in and out as you wish and feel free to take a trip further afield to see Rome.

Non playing partners and friends are very welcome; this venue and area is rich in leisure activities

We have 13 bedrooms with many ensuite, all furnished in simple yet comfortable rustic style. Many spaces in which to relax indoors and out, with ample rehearsal spaces. Outdoor swimming pool with extensive landscaped gardens and cultivated fields to explore. The local countryside of Capranica and Sutri is within easy distance with lake Vico in an extinct volcanic crater just a little further.

Visit Rome’s famous sights – we are just 1km (15 mins on foot) from Capranica-Sutri railway station with a direct train to St. Peter’s Basilica Station (1 hour) and Trastevere Station (1 hour and 10 minutes). Both connect directly to the airport links.

Travel: fly to Rome with many carriers daily and either hire a car or take the train from the airport. If enough people arrive together we can arrange a shared taxi transit.

Train from Basilica St. Peter to Capranica-Sutri: 1 hour

Train from Rome airport (FCO): 2 hours,

Course starts at 17.30 on 8th and ends after breakfast on 15th October

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Flutes en Vacances in Kent!

Friday, 28 October - Friday, 4 November

Where? Hoath House, Chiddingstone Hoath, Edenbridge, Kent, UK

Stay in this amazing venue with wood panels, original beams and oil portraits. All luxury rooms with tv, many ensuites. Nearest airport is London Gatwick with easy train links. Otherwise we suggest meeting at 16:00 for a shared taxi. Hoath House is a large Grade II listed manor house set in it’s own grounds near Edenbridge and Royal Tonbridge Wells, Kent.

Choice of superking doubles/twin rooms, with or without ensuites. Spacious living areas, a snug, library/games room with open fire and woodburner. 6 acres of private grounds, tennis court and off road parking. Free wifi

October 28th – 31st  3 nights

Flute workshop course with Julie Wright. Flutes of all levels welcome for small workshop based group tuition on Tone, Technique, Breathing, Tips, Tricks  and Ensembles. Also parallel Saxophone Ensemble Coaching Course with Nicholas Foster. It is  possible to stay for up to 7 nights. Beginners to Advanced players. Late starters and lapsed learners are our speciality.

A small course to give maximum attention, especially useful for those unable to have regular tuition. Don’t worry if this is your first course; we are completely sympathetic to your needs and adjust our teaching accordingly. Sessions include – tone, technique, scales and breathing – repertoire – small ensembles – tips and general problem solving –  advice sessions – non competitive environment – pianist available

Start time 18.00 on 28th October End time  12.00 on 31st October

October 31st – November 4th  stay 3/4 nights

Flute Ensemble Coaching Course with daily warm ups and teaching classes with Julie Wright. Clarinet Players of all levels for 1:1 tuition and  duets with Nicholas Foster + ensembles with the flutes. Suits Personal Development criteria for teachers. Non playing partners all welcome.

Start time 17.00 on 31st October End time after breakfast on 4th October or midday on 26th if staying for 3 nights.

Travel by car and park on site: Very easy location from Central/Southern England just off the M25. Travel time (hours): Oxford 1.45; Northampton 2.00; Bristol 2.30; Birmingham 2.45; Cardiff 3.00; Exeter 3.45; Cambridge 1.40. Travel by train: to Edenbridge and take a taxi – we suggest a 5.30 meeting time at the station if wishing to share the taxi with other attendees. Regular trains via East Croydon from London Bridge.

Close to London Gatwick airport for trains as above via East Croydon. London Heathrow airport- take Tube to London Bridge then via East Croydon to Edenbridge

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The Flute Player's Blueprint

Saturday, 29 October, 10:00 - 17:00

Where? Sharrow Performing Arts Space
Sitwell Road
S7 1BE, UK

A Flute Player's Blueprint, a one-day workshop with Dr. Jessica Quiñones

in partnership with Rachel Shirley and the Sheffield Flute Choir

​Saturday 29th October 2016
10am - 5pm
Sharrow Performing Arts Space
Sitwell Road, Sheffield S7 1BE, UK
Suitable for players of all levels, ages 18+ 
Cost: £60

"The beginning is the most important part of the work" – Plato 

If you’re craving fresh and innovative tools to build a strong and unshakeable foundation to your playing then this workshop is for you. Spend a day with innovative international flute player and teacher Jessica in a relaxed, friendly and supportive setting at the Sharrow Performing Arts Space. Explore and experiment with a variety of methods in which to master and (re)visit those key flute essentials such as breathing, finger technique, articulation, vibrato and posture. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned flute teacher in need of new inspiration, this workshop will provide a blueprint in which to build, remodel, and develop your own unique playing for years to come.

At the end of this one-day workshop you will be able to:
-- Use your body for optimal positioning to find better resonance in breathing and tone
-- Explore different methods through which your tone quality can be refined
-- Understand how to create different articulation styles for a variety of musical settings
-- Develop a varied approach to vibrato so it’s not ‘one size fits all’
-- Learn techniques to be at ease in your posture and fingerings to alleviate tension and stress when playing

Want to receive personalised advice about your flute playing from Jessica during the workshop? Grab your spot to be one of 5 flautists that will be given 1:1 attention during the class sessions. Simply let us know on the booking form, stating which one area you would like help with - choose from breathing, finger technique, articulation, vibrato or tone. These slots will be allotted on a first come, first served basis. *UPDATE (14/06/2016): the 1:1 slots have all been taken! If you would like to be considered as a reserve for any of these slots, please tick the relevant box on the booking form.*

'Coffee break' refreshments will be provided (please bring your own lunch).

To book - complete the booking form here.
​Join the Facebook event here!
​Any questions? Email Rachel at

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Flute School London weekend course

Saturday, 29 October, 10:00 - Sunday, 30 October 17:00

Where? The Hall School
23 Crossfield Road
London NW3 4NU

With guest tutors Anna Noakes and Andy Findon. An action-packed weekend of masterclasses, technique workshops, ensemble playing, concerts, and more! For details and updates see our website or Facebook page 

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Flutes en Vacances in Derbyshire!

Monday, 14 November - Thursday, 17 November

Where? The Malthouse, Water Lane, Cromford, Matlock, Derbyshire. UK DE4 3QH

November 14th – 17th  3 nights (with the possibility to extend to 7 nights with 1 : 1 tuition)

Flute Ensemble Coaching  and Tuition Course includes tone, technique and intonation. We also cover general tips and problem solving whilst rehearsing the ensembles. Workshop based group learning sessions throughout the day. Stay in this exceptional 9 bedroomed conversion of Arkwright’s Grade II listed former corn mill in the Peak District. The house is situated in Cromford Village with its Mill pond, Book shop, tea shops and great pubs.

Easy access from M6 and A6 or we can meet at Cromford Station. Matlock Bath – 1 mile; Matlock – 3 miles; Bakewell – 10 miles.

There are several spacious living and dining areas, 3 kitchens, 9 bedrooms, each with tv and several ensuite.

The Malthouse is designed over 3 floors and the house overlooks the millpond. All facilities are modern and furnished to the highest specification. The house has original stone steps and walls and a mill wheel feature on the lower ground floor.

Saxophone and clarinet courses are also available in parallel.


Start time  17.00 on 14th November. End time 12.00 midday on 17th November.


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Flute Days

Summer Flute Playday

Saturday, 13 August, 10:00 - 16:30

Where? Sharrow Performing Arts Space
Sitwell Road
S7 1BE

For flute players aged 18 and over, around Grade 5 standard upwards.
Cost: £20

Bring your flutes to sunny* Sheffield to join Sheffield Flute Choir for a day of group playing. We’re planning a relaxed day – no pressure, just a chance to get together with other flute players and try out some music. Whether you play regularly or are a bit ‘rusty’, you’re very welcome!

Try out pieces from our library and bring along your favourite pieces for multiple flutes. Write or arrange music for flutes? We'd be really happy to try it out! Love conducting and would like to lead a session? Or never tried and want to have a go at conducting a group? That would be wonderful! Let us know on the booking form and we’ll be in touch. 

Tea, coffee and plenty of biscuits and cake provided!

(*sunshine not guaranteed!)

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Master Classes

28th forum for flute and piano

Friday, 22 July, 09:00 - Sunday, 31 July 23:59

Where? Diekirch (Luxembourg)

Live your musical dream in Diekirch:

- Have you ever dreamt about playing for and work with the best flute professors?

-Do you want to spend fantastic holidays with wonderful musicians from all over the world?

-Participate in Forum for Flute and Piano and gain experience to enjoy playing the flute even more! ...

This 10 days masterclass will be with :

FLUTE : Carlo JANS, Sanqing and Qiling CHEN, Robert DICK, Nicole ESPOSITO, Jürgen FRANZ, Dejan GAVRIC




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