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Michael J Allen PB Flute Headjoint with Solid .925 Lip and Riser

£829.17 excluding VAT (UK Export and VAT Assisted Purchase price)
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Our Description

Pinchbeck is a form of brass with a typical mix ratio of 89% copper and 11% zinc. This combination gives a warm, rich tone. Pinchbeck is less dense than silver, and responds easily with clear articulation. As it is an unlacquered finish, this headjoint will gain a patina over time.

After training as a silversmith in London's Hatton Garden jewellery centre, Mike became interested in the construction of flutes. With an incredible eye for detail, his flutes are precisely designed and put together.

We work in close association with Mike Allen to develop new and exciting products for flute. Mike is one of a handful of flutesmiths who hand draws all his own tubing, using a method which preserves the original molecular structure of the metal. This gives his headjoints and flutes a distinct sound.

About Michael J Allen

Michael J Allen was trained as a Silver and Goldsmith in the famous Hatton Garden Jewelery quarter in London. He subsiquently became facinated with the flute and combined his skills to create one of the most unique instruments available today. He is truly at the forefront of flute and headjoint construction, in both functionality and artistic design. Every flute is individually custom made to a specific design. Customers individual requests can be taken into consideration! The instrument can only be described as a "work of art" that is unique, offering the player a sound, and tonal quaility that is outstanding.


  • Fully handmade headjoint
  • Made by Mike Allen in London, UK
  • Unlacquered Pinchbeck alloy tube
  • .925 solid lip-plate and Riser
  • Hand-drawn tube
  • This headjoint can be fitted to most makes of flute. Please note that it may need to be adjusted to fit your instrument. There is no charge for this.

Item Details

Manufacturer: Michael J Allen
Category: Flute Headjoints

Perfect Performance PlanPerfect Performance Plan

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  •  Pre-Sale Set-Up
  •  Owner's Check-Up
  •  Minimum Three-Year Warranty

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