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Handmade Flute Headjoints

Flute headjointChanging the headjoint on your flute can be a useful way of customising the instrument to your liking, improving tone depth, articulation, flexibility and response. The headjoint is the voicebox of the flute, and the most important part when it comes to tone production. The two main factors in sound quality are the material the headjoint is made from and, arguably more significantly, the "cut".

Searching for the perfect headjoint can become an incurable disease! Many people know that they are unhappy with their present headjoint but don't know why; they then end up trying hundreds of heads and never really know which is an improvement and which isn't. Make sure you know which areas of your sound or response are lacking, and seek advice if you're not sure; then concentrate on headjoints which improve these aspects without losing the things you DO like. Second opinions are always nice, but remember that it is YOU who has to play on the headjoint, so don't choose one that you aren't happy with just because someone else likes the sound!

We have a wide range of headjoints in stock at all times, and we are particularly fortunate to have Ian McLauchlan, an esteemed British headjoint maker, crafting headjoints on our premises.

Ian McLauchlan has written a useful article on how to choose a flute headjoint over on the Just Flutes Blog.

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