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Product Reviews: Michael J Allen PB Flute Headjoint with Solid .925 Lip and Riser

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5 out of 5 “Mike Allen PB headjoint”

Reviewed by Michael, 11 years ago
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Pinchbeck is an unusual alloy for making flute headjoints, but I was amazed at the rich palette and ease of articulation of this one. The basic tone is rich and warm on my Muramatsu ST and my intonation seems to have improved (although I haven't tested this with a tuner yet). I can play ppp all through the register with ease and the headjoint is very fast on tonguing. I tried it against several others in this price range and it won hands down - I bought it on the spot. I only hope that people don't think that I'm merely being flash with an 'imitation gold' HJ. I would love to find out more about Mr Allen and his experiments with different materials for flute headjoints (particularly pinchbeck), but his web presence is pretty much zero.

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