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I've seen the same instrument at a lower price elsewhere - do you price match?

We aim to offer the very best value in terms of our service, product range and expertise. When buying an instrument from us, you're not purchasing a box from a warehouse: your new instrument will be set up to the highest standard by one of the UK's leading flute technicians; you will receive a complimentary one-check check-up; and we extend the warranty to three years.

We have software that tracks our most popular items with our main competitors on a daily basis, but should you find the same instrument sold to our same high standard at a lower price somewhere else, please call us on 020 8662 8400 and we will try our best to match - or come near to - that price.

Since January 1 2021, prices on many European retailers' websites are shown excluding VAT. If you order from an overseas retailer, the shipping company/customs agent will invoice you 20% VAT, 2% import duty and around £40 customs clearance fees. What initially seems like a low price can quickly become higher than purchasing it in the UK!

In addition, our staff are highly experienced musicians themselves and, by appreciating the importance of your purchase, are impartial in the expert advice they offer. Our stock levels are extensive, and we have practice rooms where you can try instruments to your heart's content before committing to a purchase.

Is VAT (Value Added Tax) or Sales Tax included?

Instrument and accessory prices quoted on this website include VAT at 20% for any order sent to an address in the UK. Books, music and the majority of our pre-owned instruments are not subject to VAT/Sales Tax in the UK.

Orders sent to countries outside of the UK are not subject to UK VAT. VAT will still be displayed on the checkout and order confirmation emails, but the VAT will be deducted when we process your order. If your order is being shipped/exported to a country outside of the UK, you will charged the "export" (excluding VAT) price. Music, books and the vast majority of pre-owned instruments are not subject to VAT. If pre-owned instruments are subject to VAT, this is clearly shown.

Do you take part in the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme (AIPS)?

Yes we do. If your child is a student at a local authority school in the UK you may be eligible to buy an instrument at the ex-VAT price, potentially saving you a large amount of money. Please see our page on the VAT Assisted Purchase Scheme.

If I come to your shop, will I pay more than your online price?

No. Unlike many shops which don't allow you to visit their shop and purchase at their best price, you can rest assured that you will buy at our online price when you buy in store.

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