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Do you take part in the Instrument Assisted Purchase Scheme (IAPS)?

Yes we do. If your child is a student at a local authority school in the UK you may be eligible to buy an instrument at the ex-VAT price. Combined with our discounts off the list price, this can result in you saving a large amount. Please see our page on the VAT Assisted Purchase Scheme.

Do you part-exchange?

As a rule, we do not offer part-exchange, but recommend selling through us. This is because of  VAT and tax implications, which, to cut to the chase, results in a better deal for you when selling an instrument.

I've seen the same instrument at a lower price elsewhere - do you price match?

We try to be as competitive as any other bona-fide music shop. Should you find the same instrument sold to our same high standard at a cheaper price somewhere else, please let us know and we will try our best to match that price!

When comparing prices, please bear in mind the high level of customer service we offer. All our new instruments include the Perfect Performance guarantee: they are thoroughly regulated and set up for optimum performance by professional technicians before leaving our showroom. This is NOT the same as being simply 'checked'! In addition all new instruments come with a FREE 12-month checkover to ensure that your instrument continues to work at its peak. Most e-commerce websites do not offer this fundamental and vital service and, as a result of simply box-shifting, are cheaper. This is usually a false economy, as the vast majority instruments (especially in the student/mid range) require setting-up just to even work. If you think about where the instrument has travelled from (Japan, Taiwan, China, USA) and all the vibrations it has suffered along the way, then you can probably imagine the amount of keywork alterations that our repair studio routinely make to these instruments!

In addition, our staff are musicians themselves and, by appreciating the importance of your purchase, are impartial in the advice they can offer. Our stock levels are huge, and we have practise rooms where you can try instruments to your heart's content before committing to a purchase.

Is VAT (Value Added Tax) or Sales Tax included?

Instrument and accessory prices quoted on this Web site include VAT at 20% for any order sent to an address in the UK or EEC. Books, music (without CD or cassette) and the majority of our pre-owned instruments are not subject to VAT/Sales Tax on either UK or overseas orders (in or outside of the EEC).

Orders sent to countries outside of the EEC are not subject to UK VAT. VAT will still be displayed on the checkout and order confirmation emails, but the VAT will be deducted when we process your order. If your order is being shipped/exported to a country outside of the EEC, you will charged the "ex. VAT" price. Music, books and the vast majority of pre-owned instruments are not subject to VAT. If pre-owned instruments are subject to VAT, this is clearly shown.

If you visit us from outside the EEC and purchase an instrument, you will pay the "inc. VAT" price - but the tax can be reclaimed and refunded when you leave the EEC via the Personal Export Scheme. Please contact us if you require more information.

If I come to your shop, will I pay more than your online price?

No. Unlike many shops which don't allow you to visit their shop and purchase at their best price, you can rest assured that you will buy at our online price when you buy instore.

How much is postage?

Postage is based upon the weight of the item(s) purchased.

For orders sent within the UK, we operate the following postage rates and apply the highest rate only:

Orders containing reeds are sent free of charge.
Orders containing sheet music, CDs or small accessories* are charged at £2.95 postage.
Orders containing small instrument cases or music stands are charged at £5.95 postage.
Orders containing instruments or larger instrument cases are charged at £10.95 postage.
*including metronomes, cleaning products, instrument stands, case covers, mouthpieces

Please contact us for a quote for overseas orders.

I'm a teacher/student - do you offer discounts on sheet music mail order purchases?

Please see this page on pricing.

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