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Powell Custom Handmade 14k Aurumite RBOEC# Flute

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Manufacturer's Description

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the Aurumite 14K flute was the very first of its kind to bridge the gap from silver to gold flutes. A combination of an interior 14K Rose Gold layer with an exterior layer of sterling silver, the sound of this special instrument is dark, yet sweet. definitive, established, and stylish, the Powell 14K Aurumite is available with a sterling silver mechanism and soldered tone holes. this flute can be upgraded with 14K Rose Gold tone holes, rings, ribs, and posts.

Our Description

The Powell 14k Aurumite Custom Handmade flute is designed for players who are looking for a richer, darker sound than the Silver Custom Handmade Flute, whilst keeping the free-blowing and excellent projective attributes of the Powell sound.

Aurumite is a combination of silver and gold, two sheets of which are fused to produce an interlocking layer. This effectively produces a 'sleeve' of gold. This is not plating or bonding, but equal layers of each metal. The result is a sound with qualities of both gold and silver - responsive and full.

Headjoint Cuts

  • Lumina: Powell's newest style of headjoint, the Lumina has style and panache. Supple yet responsive, it moves quickly throughout the range with little effort. This headjoint’s clean and energetic sound is the perfect complement to our more classic styles.
  • Philharmonic: A traditional cut, capable of broad dynamic ranges, and creating a deep rich tone with extraordinary carrying power and focus.
  • Soloist: Open and free in the top octave, rich and deep in the middle and bottom octaves, with great projection and flexibility.
  • Venti: A very colourful and rich headjoint designed in conjunction with Paul Edmund Davies. It is open, has a large dynamic range, and possesses an especially free high register.

About Powell

In 1916, Verne Powell joined the Wm. S. Haynes Company to make wooden flutes and piccolos. By 1926, he was the shop foreman and was running much of the business at Haynes; later that year, he left Haynes to make his own flutes and Verne Q. Powell Flutes, Inc. was incorporated.

The instruments were immediately recognized as the very best a flutist could play and endorsements flowed in from flutists around the globe. In 1928, he completed his first all 14K Gold flute; soon piccolos and alto flutes were added. By 1930 the brand had representation in the Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Baltimore, and New York Orchestras. There were flutes which had a life of their own; #365 the “World’s Fair” Platinum flute of William Kincaid, #900 the only flute ever made entirely of 14K White Gold, #1142 the “Signature” Flute.

In 2016 Verne Q. Powell Flutes, Inc. was purchased by Buffet Crampon, joining nine other brands of wind instruments to complete the largest group of wind instrument manufacturers in the world.


What's Included

  • Leather-bound wood case
  • Leather pochette case cover
  • Wood cleaning rod
  • Cleaning cloth

Item Details

Manufacturer: Powell
Category: Other Precious Metal Flutes

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