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Staff Pick

“Something different!”

Chris Hankin Just Flutes staff member - [email protected]

‘Thumpy’ is a simple ‘thumb flute’ and this wonderful book is full of interesting ways to use it..This wooden tube is open at both ends, the blowing hole is in the middle and the 5 notes are made by opening and closing the ends with the thumbs. The Quick Start Guide is great if you already play the flute, but the first part of the book is aimed at complete novices. After that, Offermans really gets going, with instructions on how to make the instrument work creatively. It’s obviously great for children and also for the more advanced as a way of increasing embouchure flexibility. In any case this is another way of using your imagination and having fun!

Our Description

The 'Thumpy' book by Wil Offermans introduces the 'Thumpy' flute and its technique in 75 progressive solo and duo pieces.


  1. Introduction and Quick start
  2. The First Note
  3. The basic three notes
  4. Duo with three basic notes
  5. The basic five notes
  6. Duo with five basic notes
  7. Color it
  8. Pitch bending
  9. Legato and staccato
  10. Wind tones
  11. Trills and flutter
  12. Percussive
  13. Special Notes
  14. Note 6,7 and 8
  15. Partly closed
  16. Slow Swing
  17. Ancient Song
  18. Thumpy Song
  19. Tango Pulgarito
  20. Chinoiserie

Item Details

Category: Specialist Flute Tutor Books
Publisher: Zimmermann Frankfurt
Publisher's reference: ZM34230
Our Stock Code: 1054750
Media Type: Paperback

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