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Silverwood Irish Flute in D, Red

£157.50 excluding VAT (UK Export and VAT Assisted Purchase price)
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Manufacturer's Description

Silverwood flutes – best of both worlds!

Blackwood Head with Keyless Aluminium Body- pitched in Concert D

Silverwood Flutes are designed for both beginner and established flute players. The wooden head-joint of a Silverwood flute gives the player the authentic playing experience of a top-quality wooden flute for up to a quarter of the price. Like most flutes designed primarily for Celtic and folk music they are pitched in the key of D major. However, it is also possible to play in G major as there is a very easy cross fingering for the C natural note. The relative minor keys of B minor and E minor are of course also possible. The flute will play to the top A in the third register giving a full two and a half octaves as would be the case on a professional-standard wooden flute.

The Blackwood Head

The Silverwood Flute has a handmade wooden head-joint. The embouchure hole in the head joint is identical to the undercut embouchure hole on Tony Millyard’s Rudall Rose model wooden flute. This model is the generally-preferred flute for Irish traditional music and is based on the 19th Century flutes by the famous makers Rudall & Rose. This headjoint gives the same tonal quality as traditional wooden flutes used in Irish music.

The Aluminium Body

The Silverwood Flute has a smaller diameter than a wooden flute which is more comfortable for players with smaller hands. The finger-hole spacings have also been designed with this in mind. The aluminium body allows the player to slur notes by sliding fingers and allows for fast ornamentation found in many traditional musics. The aluminium body also gives the flute a brighter tone than a fully wooden flute. There are 3 colours currently available, Silver, Red and Green, with an option on Blue and Black if there is market demand.

The Player Experience

Although this is an great starter flute, it also appeals to intermediate players. If the player does wish to upgrade to a more expensive wooden flute in the future, the embouchure technique will be similar, and the fingering system will be identical.

Case and Accessories

All Silverwood Flutes are sold with a durable and waterproof fabric case. The joint between the head and body is made using rubber O-rings which are low maintenance and will last for many years. Included are a spare set of O-rings and a grease stick to keep the O-rings lubricated.

About The Makers

Tony Millyard and Sophie Matthews are based in England. The Silverwood flute has been designed by Tony who has been making top-quality wooden flutes for over 15 years, and the same care and precision goes onto making Silverwood flutes. Sophie Matthews works with Tony making the keys for the wooden flutes.


  • Handmade blackwood headjoint
  • Aluminium body
  • Key of D

What's Included

  • Fabric case,
  • Spare rubber O-rings
  • Grease stick

Item Details

Manufacturer: Silverwood
Category: Traditional Flutes and Piccolos

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