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Qwistle Aluminium Low D Whistle

£120.83 excluding VAT (UK Export and VAT Assisted Purchase price)
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Manufacturer's Description

The Low D Qwistle is a strong & warm sounding low whistle, pitched in the key of "D", and designed by Scottish musician & instrument innovator Donald WG Lindsay.

The unique internal "horn" geometry of the head, which provides the Qwistle with many of its characteristics, is influenced by Donald's work on the Crathes Quhissill project.

The Low D Qwistle's simple construction also makes it one of the most lightweight low D's around, weighing in at only 80g (<2oz) for plastic & 145g (5oz) for aluminium.

Praise for the Low D Qwistle

"These are Scottish fighting whistles! They take no prisoners. Back pressure amazing. Not for the fainthearted whatsoever... The bottom D is almost as hard as a flute low D. You can explore the note, without holding back - amazing." - David Ledsam, co-author of "The Low Whistle Book" (Soar Valley Music)
"It's great. Lovely tone, doesn't take a lot of breath. Starts at pitch and stays at pitch." - Lorne MacDougall ( How to Train Your Dragon, Brave, Red Hot Chilli Pipers, Tannahill Weavers
"Wow, what a boom! Great tone, great stability and great response! It sounds and behaves fantastically. I love the dynamic range it enables and the bottom D. Seriously one of the best I ever tried. The D rivals a flute. Mission accomplished I would attest." - Geza Frank, Event Horizon (


Item Details

Manufacturer: Qwistle
Category: Low Whistles

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