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Pneumo Pro Wind Director

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  • Award-winning product
  • Great for teachers

Our Description

The Pneumo Pro takes the mystery out of tone production, by aiding the development of a correct and consistent placement of the air column. The fans give an immediate visible feedback on the air column's current direction, and make for perfect 'target practice' in exercises.

  • Helps beginner flute players learn where to blow to produce a strong tone
  • Advanced flute players will benefit from improved tone and flexibility
  • Helps with double and triple tonguing
  • Strengthens a player's flexibility between octaves
  • Tuning and dynamic changes are greatly improved
  • Aids with advanced techniques (multiphonics, whistle tones, unformed notes etc)

Tools for Schools: Best Tool 2012

Award-Winning Tool

The Pneumo Pro won "Best Tools for Schools Award 2012" at the NAMM show.

Does the Pneumo Pro Really Work?

"In twenty years as a band director (ten teaching beginners) I have had sporadic success with beginning flutes. While being able to play the beginning book fairly well, my trumpet-playing mind just couldn't get over the hump to be a successful teacher of flutes. Then I was introduced to the Pneumo Pro. After a short training period I am amazed not only at my own ability to play more effectively, but more importantly, at getting my flute players to play with a consistent tone quality in both low and high registers. They handle the instrument much more confidently, and with such beautiful tone for beginners! I'm totally sold on the Pneumo pro. Even a trumpet-playing band director can successfully teach beginning flute players using it." - Bret Deardorff - Indiana band director

"I think the Pneumo Pro is a very good idea and will be showing it to people at my class here in Switzerland." - James Galway

"The Pneumo Pro is a great device; just the right tool needed for beginners to get both a physical and a visual aid in learning to blow the air correctly and form an embouchure. BUT! I've used it for more
advanced players and they have all found it quite revealing and helpful in refining the aim and direction of the air. I must say that I've experimented with it myself and found it useful. This is certainly a 'must have' device for any flute studio."  - Carol Shansky - professional flautist & teacher

"The Pneumo Pro is the most incredible teaching tool I have ever used!!!!! I have had 100 percent success with this tool with fixing tonguing and embouchure problems on some of my students. One student, I was at a loss, I couldn’t find a way to fix her tonguing problems; within 10 minutes of using the Pneumo Pro I had figured out exactly what the problem was and fixed it. Every teacher should have this tool in their studio."  - Susan Fritts - flute teacher

"Thank you so much for these wonderful devices! I am having much success with my slower  students that could not produce much of a sound at all. Now they are progressing rapidly and should move out of the beginning flute to the intermediate band. I am very pleased and they are thrilled!" -- Adan Diaz - elementary band director

"My daughter started using the Pneumo Pro about a year after starting the flute. The improvement in her tone has been outstanding! Not only do we notice, but competition judges have also praised the beauty of her tone."  --Lynne Lawson - parent

Item Details

Manufacturer: Blocki
Category: Teaching Aids

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