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Nuvo N120CLBK Clarineo 2.0, Black With Black Trim

by Nuvo
£95.83 excluding VAT (UK Export and VAT Assisted Purchase price)
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Manufacturer's Description

The 2.0 Clarineo model has several upgraded features:

Mouthpiece – now fitted with new integral ligature, easy to open with one hand. Remains compatible with Nuvo’s plastic reeds in 1, 1.5 and 2 strength, the Legere Viib or cane Eb size clarinet reeds and now also soprano saxophone reeds.

Key caps – on the original Clarineo model these caps were silver, with the new generation model these are now silicone and coloured to match the trim of your instrument.

Pads – new silicone pads for improved reliability and even seating.

Bell – replacing the original bayonet fitting bell we now have a silicone bell similar to the “Straighten your jSax” bell for additional durability.

Case – the new sleek design is fastened with two sturdy press studs and a patch of hook and loop fabric to keep your instrument secure and make it quick and easy to get out ready to play in no time while also reduced in size compared to the original to make it more child-friendly.

Our Description

The Clarineo is an affordable starter instrument ideal for very young beginners and adults. Available in a variety of colours, this attractive instrument offers a stronger and more durable construction than its predecessor, the C Lyons clarinet. The lightweight nature of the instrument will allow children to begin playing at around the age of six, giving them a  four or five year musical advantage. It has the added benefit of using a plastic reed and clip in ligature saving time, effort and money.

The Clarineo is a step up from recorder and music teachers will be able to adapt to it very quickly. As the clarineo is in the key of C it will fit into any ensemble without the added stress of transposing and will add a warm mellow tone to the group. This is an invaluable instrument for a schools music department.

Tailor-made for Primary schools

The Clarineo can be played comfortably by children as young as 6 or7, repair costs are negligible and progress is fast.

Clarineos have been designed to withstand rough treatment. An accident that would put a standard clarinet out of action would usually leave the Clarineo unscathed or, at worst, needing a replacement key to return it to playing condition.

Children like the Clarineo because it sounds 'grown up' and they can play music they hear in the world outside. As they progress through the school, they can stay with the Clarineo or, when they become physically able to handle them, move on to any instrument.

The music it can play

The range of the Clarineo extends down to E below middle C (a semitone below the range of a bass recorder). This adds a new, attractive, deeper tone to Primary school ensembles. All Primary school musical instruments are pitched in the key of C, and so is the Clarineo. It can therefore read the music of violins, recorders, glockenspiels and songs straight off the page. If the music goes too high for the child's range, as might be the case with some advanced recorder music, all the teacher has to do is to write the musical passage out one octave lower. Thus if the original tune contained the notes E F# G then the notes' names are exactly the same. (For your interest, for those notes to sound the same on a B-flat clarinet they would have to be written as F# G# A.)

Recorders to Clarinets

More children than not have at least had a go at the recorder. Those who show the most progress could move to a Clarineo. For a school to buy a stock of, say, 8 or 9 would not break the bank. Once the instruments are in the school quite a few children would be attracted to own them themselves.

The sound of a Clarineo is attractive to children. Its 'grown up', clarinet-like sound is suitable for musical styles such as folk, jazz and classical. You'll find children are keener to play Clarineos than recorders.

Musical uses of the Clarinéo in the Primary school ensemble

Play the tune solo or unison with voices (thus supporting the vocal line
Double the tune one octave lower than the recorders
Play parts written for violins, flutes, or voices
Provide harmony to the tune (the tone of a group of clarinets is particular suitable for this
Play a bass line (the lowest note is E below middle C)

Reviews and Comments


Panel judges' comments:

"The product was considered to be excellent value, especially compared to conventional clarinets and this made it more accessible to children. The company has addressed all the factors which inhibit children form learning the traditional Bb flat clarinet, its weight, size, cost, fragility and difficulty in producing notes, and remedied them. The company has taken a new approach to a conventional instrument without it being electronic. This was a pioneering use of plastics incorporating a clever use of moulding. The result was a very robust instrument with a good acoustic quality."


  • Light and easy to manage
  • Three octave range from E to G
  • No overhaul or repairs costs
  • Key work is made of Delrin – completely waterproof, no re-padding costs
  • In the key of C so will easily play along with normally pitched instruments; guitar, piano, flute, violin, recorder etc.
  • Enables children to take up additional instruments that use the same or similar mechanism and fingering, such as the clarinet and saxophone
  • Perfect ergonomics for youngsters – hence they start off with correct holding and posture rather than acquiring bad habits in trying to compensate for their young bodies having to master an instrument designed for adults
  • Great for kids and adults

What's Included

  • Hard case
  • 3x plastic reeds
  • 1x wooden reed
  • Pull-through cleaning cloth
  • O-Ring grease

Item Details

Manufacturer: Nuvo
Category: Nuvo Clarineo

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