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Moeck 4307 'Rottenburgh' Ebony Treble/Alto Recorder


£604.17 exclusive of VAT (UK Export and VAT Assisted Purchase price)

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Our Description

This immensely popular range of recorders was designed by Friedrich von Huene after models by Belgian maker Jean-Hyacinth-Joseph Rottenburgh (1672-1756). Recent innovations have seen Moeck improve the Rottenburgh series even further - they now have an improved bore, an improved curved windway, an optimised under surface of the labium and a new sturdy key system.

The Rottenburgh series offers:

  • a more sonorous low register
  • a clearer high register
  • an easier response for the player
  • more variable tone
  • a greater dynamic range
  • easier handling

Rottenburgh models and woods:
4300 (was 239): Unstained maple - a stable wood with fine pores, which produces a warm, well-balanced sound.
4301 (was 239G): Stained maple - as the 4300, but stained wood.
4302 (was 239B): Unstained pearwood - a stable wood with a warm, well-balanced sound.
4303 (was 239BG): Stained pearwood - as the 4302, but stained wood.
4304 (was 339): Castello boxwood - a hard wood with regular denseness, producing a warm, rich tone.
4305 (was 439): Palisander - a hard and very dense wood, producing a sound rich in overtones and with a brilliant tone.
4306 (was 739): Olivewood: a hard and dense wood, producing a warm, rich tone.
4307 (was 539): Ebony: a hard and dense wood, producing elegant, clear tones.
4308 (was 939): Rosewood: a hard and very dense wood, producing a warm, resonant tone.


  • Professional wooden recorder
  • Three-piece construction
  • A440Hz
  • Double holes
  • Design after Rottenburgh (1672-1756)
  • Includes case

Item Details

Manufacturer: Moeck
Model number: 4307
Category: Treble Recorders

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