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Kingma & Brannen Alto Flute, Open Holes, B Footjoint

£13,329.17 excluding VAT (UK Export and VAT Assisted Purchase price)
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Our Description

The Kingma & Brannen design is the result of an intense collaboration with Bickford and Laura Brannen after many years of working together on other projects. Bickford and Laura Brannen are both retired from Brannen Brothers Flutemakers, but continue to offer their flutemaking and design skills on these flutes.

The unique quality of this alto flute stimulates players to use it as their main instrument. Alto flutes have a uniquely responsive lower register and a very warm and projecting sound over all octaves. 

The mechanism is designed to fit many different hand sizes. The Kingma Alto Flutes are built according to the Cooper scale and are available in different models with different options and materials. Pitch is at A-442 (or different on request). Each model has soldered tone holes. All head joints are made of solid silver. 

Every instrument is delivered with a custom made case, nylon case cover, and cleaning rod.

About Eva Kingma

Eva Kingma specialises in making the 'lower' sounding flutes. They produce a wide range of flutes including Alto, Bass, Contrabass and Sub contrabass flutes. Their flutes are hand-made and have dedicated time and effort towards building instruments that suit the requirements and physical needs of their customers. The results of their endeavours have led to the development of a line of instruments with increased musical potential which all began with the development of the open-hole alto flute. Following the innovation of the "Key-on-Key mechanism" and the patented "Kingma System ®", a series of open-hole and quarter-tone Alto, Bass and Contrabass flutes were created. As a result of the inspiring collaboration with Bickford Brannen, a full quarter-tone C-flute with the patented Kingma System® is now available at Brannen Brothers Flutemakers, Inc. and Sankyo flutes.


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Manufacturer: Eva Kingma
Category: Advanced Alto Flutes