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Jupiter JFL-700WD "Waveline D-Loop" Flute

£465.83 excluding VAT (UK Export and VAT Assisted Purchase price)
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Our Description

The Jupiter JFL-700WD flute is a brilliantly well thought through instrument for young children to start their musical journeys with.

The flute makes use of the unique, patented 'Wave-Line' headjoint design, which aims to alleviate problems of balance that some teachers experience when teaching young children using a curved headjoint. The 'Wave-Line' technology allows for a more stable instrument since the curve in the tube brings the weight of the flute down through the instrument rather than on top of or out to the side as with most curved headjoints. This promotes much better posture and improved embouchure development from the very start of the learning process. The distance between the embouchure hole and the keys is reduced, creating a better alignment through the whole of the flute and allowing for easier tone production. Above all, the 'Wave-Line' aids a seamless transition to a standard concert flute.

The flute is designed with a host of features to give children the very best possible start. The keys are fitted with assisted fingering cups which are ergonomically placed to allow more comfortable playing and to encourage good hand position. The newly shaped C# key also promotes a more natural hand position. The flute has a range to low D and a body without trill keys to reduce the weight of the instrument so that children can play for longer without feeling any stresses or strains.

These features make for a flute which would be an excellent choice for children to experience the fun of flute playing!

About Jupiter

Working under a philosophy to support music education and community since 1930, Jupiter’s parent company, KHS Musical Instruments Co., Ltd., has become one of the largest musical instrument producers in the world today. Jupiter can offer a full line of quality flutes to school music programs and individual players. As a global company, Jupiter selects the finest materials available and controls all aspects of manufacturing in their state-of-the-art factories, ensuring consistently high quality and reliability.


  • Supercedes the JFL-509S flute
  • Silver-plated body and headjoint
  • Patented 'Wave-Line' headjoint
  • Nickel silver keys
  • Ergonomically placed key cups to promote better hand position and technique
  • Newly shaped C# key to promote a more natural hand position for easier fingering
  • Stainless steel springs
  • Double skin pads
  • Range to low D
  • Comes in a lightweight shoulder bag with EVA cover for extra protection
  • Includes lightweight flute stand and cleaning accessories

Item Details

Manufacturer: Jupiter
Model number: JFL-700WD
Category: Curved Head Flutes

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