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JP081 Junior Oboe


£649.17 exclusive of VAT (EU Export and VAT Assisted Purchase price)

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Manufacturer's Description

This is a remarkable simple system instrument designed to take the sting out of the cost of buying a standard student instrument. It has all the keywork necessary to get the player to grade 3 or 4. Free blowing tonal qualities.

The JP 081 is very light-weight and incorporates that all-important adjustable thumb rest, so essential for little fingers and hands. Keywork is the absolute minimum on this model but will facilitate progress up to about grade III level. Designed with the local music education service in mind, these are retailing for half the price of the JP 181 and so can offer a two- for-one option to authorities for introducing the oboe to young people. Acoustically, they blow almost identically to the JP 181.

What the Experts Say

"Exciting innovations then at the cutting edge of modern instrument manufacturing technology from JP. It is so refreshing to find a company who are really willing to listen to the professional players and then act upon their advice, and the improved results should keep this line at the forefront of instruments of this price range -
surely the first choice for students and educational authorities alike."

Maxwell Spiers. Principal oboe for the Royal Ballet Sinfonia


  • ABS resin body
  • Silver-plated keys
  • Closed hole model with all covered holes
  • Simplified keywork system
  • Includes case, reed, reed case and cleaning accessories

Item Details

Manufacturer: JP Musical Instruments
Model number: JP081
Category: Oboes

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