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Guo Grenaditte Flute

£1,829.17 excluding VAT (UK Export and VAT Assisted Purchase price)
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Our Description

Made from the same material as the highly acclaimed Pearl PFP-105E Piccolo, the Guo Grenaditte Flute features a handcut headjoint for great projection and flexibility. Its distinctive sound - similar to that of bamboo wood flutes, but easier to play - is suitable for all kinds of music, from classical to jazz to folk to crossover. Its light weight - this flute weighs only around 300g (10½oz) - also makes it ideal for players who experience RSI or shoulder pains when playing a metal flute.

Grenaditte has similar acoustic properties to bamboo-wood, but without the disadvantages of tonal fluctuations, the risk of cracking and the high costs associated with wood instruments.

Why is this flute so advanced?

This flute is technically advanced for several reasons:

  • Made from Grenaditte - similar acoustic properties of wood, but 100% consistent, incredibly lightweight, crack-resistant and less costly
  • Distinctive sound (and look!)
  • Unique design of posts and tone holes
  • Special headjoint assembly: cork is replaced with an acoustic chamber
  • Revolutionary long B flat design results in a faster action than traditional designs
  • Easily adjustable thumb mechanism
  • Exclusive pad washer design make the feel of the instrument incredibly light and responsive

About Guo Musical Instrument Co

The Guo Musical Instruments Company had its humble beginnings in 1988. Although their initial handcrafted flutes offered only minor alterations to the original Boehm system, in 2003 the company introduced the Cermet Flute, thereby marking the beginning of what has become a devoted journey into the innovation of flute manufacture and design. This initial step, which remains a hallmark of all GMIC flutes to this day, was characterised by the exclusive use of computerised engineering for all aspects of an instrument construction and design. This allows for a level of consistency and reliability that had simply never been available by any other previous method.


Item Details

Manufacturer: Guo Musical Instrument Co
Model number: Grenaditte
Category: Composite Flutes

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  •  Minimum Three-Year Warranty

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