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Product Reviews: Flute Shield

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3.0 out of 5 (1 review)

3 out of 5 “Serves its purpose...”

Reviewed by Liz, 3 years ago
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I used the flute shield for a live concert. The design is clever and effective as far as I could tell. The eight rubber rings - two on each side of both ends of the flexible clear plastic shield - which hold the shield in place fit well. Both shield and rings have a larger and smaller size to fit the two ends of the head joint. The shield still has a tendency to slip downwards with gravity. The sound for me, the player, had a hard 'edge' to it and it was hard to be subtle with changes of tone colour, but the other players said my sound was fine. The other odd effect was that the keys sounded very loud and percussive - disconcerting! The shield did appear to serve its purpose though - I had to wipe it after playing.

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