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Product Reviews: Albert Cooper Embouchure Comparison Gauge

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5.0 out of 5 (1 review)

5 out of 5 “A very handy tool”

Reviewed by David, 1 month ago
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I bought this gauge because I am a collector of antique and vintage flutes, and it really gives a good possibility to compare embouchures or to read the cut-data. I always have it with me in my wallet now for when I visit antique markets or auctions.

It is well made; the instructions need a little work and practice to apply, but I have downloaded the pdf file which I keep in my phone. After using it for a while I am sure that it will come naturally. I have also marked the different measurement areas on the sides with A-B-C etc. with a fine marker, which makes it easier still.

Also quite handy when buying a headjoint to compare with your current (favourate) one to see why it may sound/play/feel different, or simply to compare earlier or later models of the same maker, which, as we know, undergo several development stages or have various cuts available.

I highly recommend this inexpensive and effective tool!

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