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Jupiter JFL-700UD "Prodigy" Flute


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Manufacturer's Description

The Prodigy’s design is the result of a complete evaluation of a standard flute’s components with the goal to encourage early learning and to help the younger player progress faster. Flutes with curved headjoints were the first step. However, they remain full size in fingering, as body and key design went unchanged.

Unlike violin designs, which were scaled down to half size and smaller to encourage early learning, flute mechanisms seen on instruments played by three year olds are essentially the same as those played by adults. The Prodigy model 313S is a breakthrough in functional design for teaching flute to the very young and those with smaller hands.

The range is to low D. The D# key is on the body section, eliminating the need for the footjoint. Trill keys are also eliminated. This reduces the overall weight to 12oz (340g), 20% less than a standard model flute with curved headjoint. This also shortens overall length and improves balance for the small player.

About Jupiter

Working under a philosophy to support music education and community since 1930, Jupiter’s parent company, KHS Musical Instruments Co., Ltd., has become one of the largest musical instrument producers in the world today. Jupiter can offer a full line of quality flutes to school music programs and individual players. As a global company, Jupiter selects the finest materials available and controls all aspects of manufacturing in their state-of-the-art factories, ensuring consistently high quality and reliability.


Item Details

Manufacturer: Jupiter
Model number: JFL-700UD
Category: Curved Head Flutes

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