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Fix-It Screwdriver/Spring Hook Keyring Tool

by CaseAce Products, LLC

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Our Description

This tool is perfectly portable and beautifully practical. Tighten pivot screws, adjust pad heights and reseat wire springs, whenever you need to, wherever you are. This is a screwdriver and a spring hook all in one with protective covers on either end. The precision steel tools are housed in a case made of aluminium with a knurled centre joint for better grip and in one of four great colours. A lanyard on one end allows this tool to be attached to any number of locations: a loop on a bag, your instrument case handle, your keychain, anything that you can loop it around.


  • Tighten loose screws and reset spring wires
  • Attaches to your instrumant case or bag
  • Strong steel blades
  • Knurled for better grip
  • Reinforced lanyard
  • Extra durable finish
  • Four eye-catching colours
  • Suitable for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and saxophone

Manufacturer: CaseAce Products, LLC
Category: Tools