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Warm-Ups for Flute Players


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“Something to think about!”

Chris Hankin Just Flutes staff member -

This is an interesting book. Subtitled "Improve Your Playing", it covers all the basic technical requirements needed to play the flute successfully. There are 12 chapters in all, starting with 'Morning Calibrations - finding your sound centre' and finishing with 'Performing - prepare for performance, and beat those nerves!'. Sound, fingers, articulation, tone colour, vibrato and breathing are commonly covered in most books of this ilk but sections such as 'Projecting and Enriching - create a more professional sound for performance' give this one an extra dimension. There is a 30 minute warm-up plan for general improvement and a 10 minute plan for fitting in practice 'on the go'. You might not agree with everything but it will certainly give you something to think about!


  1. Morning Calibration
  2. Sound exercises and breathing
  3. Projecting and Enriching
  4. Tone Colours
  5. Fast Fingers
  6. Tonguing and Articulation
  7. Vibrato
  8. Rhythmic exercises
  9. Memorising
  10. Improvising
  11. Practise Well and Express Yourself
  12. Performing

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