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The Utterly Unreliable A-Z of Music


From the Publisher

Fugue is something of which to be very afraid
Embouchure is something you have sleepless nights over
Sonata form sends you into spasms of terror
A diminished interval is something concert-hall bar managers hate
And what on earth is a Jota?

Even these days, anyone with half an ear for music can baulk, yawn and become inexplicably comatose at the mere mention of music theory. The words are whispered sotto voce (look it up if you dare) in the corridors of schools and colleges everywhere and send shivers up the xylophone that is the music student's spine. Well, music theory need not terrorise any longer!

The Utterly Unreliable A to Z of Music contains everything you always dreaded having to know. All the true definitions are held within these hallowed pages (plus a little bit of nonsense that will help to lighten the load). Informative yet highly entertaining, musicians will find it hard to put down!

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Category: Humorous Music Books
Publisher: Kevin Mayhew
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