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Wiseman Carbon-Fibre Flute and Piccolo Case

£1,079.17 excluding VAT (UK Export and VAT Assisted Purchase price)
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Manufacturer's Description

Small hard tubular case, folding open along its length. All joints are suspended and locked into place by rubber blocks. Fully velvet lined and featuring un-breakable velcro/leather strap closing system. Fits all wooden piccolos and metal flutes.

Very strong – maximum protection from shock-absorbing rubber blocks, preventing relayed shock through the case that occurs with traditional wooden blocking. N.B. All joints are firmly held in place; they cannot rattle or rotate or fall out when the case is opened.

This case weighs only 14oz! This case is the same design as our leather covered single double (all joints suspended in rubber for maxium protection) and will carry a concert flute and a piccolo. Undoubtedly the most compact, strongest and lightest case in the world!

Wiseman London produce a range of high quality, hand crafted, musical instrument cases. Wiseman cases are designed to provide professional quality instruments with maximum protection, whilst offering the highest degree of space efficiency, comfort and versatility for the modern musician. All of our cases feature a unique, registered, tubular design and are hand-made in England, from the finest quality materials.

Our Description

Wiseman cases are different to ordinary cases in that, instead of the case holding the instrument in cradles, the instrument is instead suspended by mini shock absorbers inside the case. This means your pride and joy does not rattle around, and any knocks and shocks the case receives in your day to day life are not passed on to your flute.

The materials used to make these cases are far stronger and offer greater protection than ordinary flute cases. Inside the case, your flute and piccolo are held safely and securely in a space-efficient design. On your shoulder, the case hangs vertically and is balanced to feel both light and comfortable. A perfect case for your instrument.


  • Unique case for flute and piccolo
  • Matt black carbon-fibre finish
  • Black and gold interior
  • Strong velcro staps - no zips
  • Holds any flute (C or B foot) and piccolo
  • Innovative design
  • Detachable, adjustable shoulder strap
  • Lifetime warranty

Size and weight
Approx 400g (approx 14oz)
44.6cm (17.5in) x 8.3cm (3.25in) diameter

Item Details

Manufacturer: Wiseman Cases
Category: Flute and Piccolo Cases

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