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Vandoren FNH100 Universal Saxophone Harness


£115.00 exclusive of VAT (UK Export and VAT Assisted Purchase price)

Manufacturer's Description

The Vandoren universal saxophone harness has been designed in collaboration with physiotherapists and musicians to make your saxophone - from a baritone to a sopranino - feel weightless Its ergonomic design moves as you move: in perfect harmony, to make playing easier than ever before. With the Vandoren universal harness, there is no more strain on the cervical vertebrae and breathing is left totally free.

Suitable for any saxophone, and can be sized to fit children and adults. Includes soft pouch to store the strap inside the bell of your saxophone.

  • Shoulder strap: Soft and handmade, these take pressure off your neck.
  • Cord: Secures your instrument discreetly, without uncomfortable straps that restrict your breathing.
  • Stabilising rods: Working independently as you move, these give you leverage to offset your instrument’s weight.
  • Support belt: Centers the load at your waist, balancing you perfectly whether standing or sitting.
  • Universal fit: Suitable for any saxophone, and can be sized to fit children and adults.

Item Details

Manufacturer: Vandoren - Vandoren online
Model number: FNH100
Category: Saxophone Straps & Harnesses

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