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Treasure Trove


From the Publisher

This work, by British composer Alison Mathews, was inspired by the names of precious (or not so precious) gemstones: The Amethyst Crystal, Diamond Bright, Emerald Eyes, etc. 17 works for solo piano, can be found inside the score, composed with great attention to detail and the educational value of each and every one of them.


  1. The River Pearl
  2. Flaming Sapphire
  3. The Amethyst Crystal
  4. Persian Turquoise
  5. Diamond Bright
  6. The Obsidian Obelisk
  7. A Slice of Agate
  8. Buried Rubies
  9. The Peridot Meteorite
  10. An Iridescent Opal
  11. Tigers Eye
  12. Oriental Jade
  13. Mournful Jet
  14. Emerald Eyes
  15. Black Onyx
  16. Shimmering Moonstone
  17. Trapped in Amber

Item Details

Category: Piano Repertoire
Publisher: Editions Musica Ferrum
Publisher's reference: 9790708147411
Our Stock Code: 1465617
Media Type: Paperback (23 pages [score])