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Selected Studies for Violin and Piano
Includes Online Audio

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From the Publisher

Studies can be boring – you usually play them alone and the lack of rhythm and harmony can be dispiriting. This very practical collection contains the best studies written throughout two centuries of violin education. The studies – all in the first position – have been provided with completely new piano accompaniments which give a harmonic and rhythmic helping hand, so that practicing becomes more instructive and more fun. Each edition within this concept features audio tracks available online in MP3 format. For each study there are three tracks: a demo version, a play-along version in normal tempo and one in a slower study tempo.
The following technical skills are included in the Selected Studies programme: Book 1: For the right hand: détaché, legato, even bowing, double strings, portato, triplets. For the left hand: finger dexterity, articulation, easy double stopping, scale structure, double stopped fifths.


  1. Study in A [Anatoli Komarowski]
  2. Study op. 25 no. 28 [Richard Hofmann]
  3. Study op. 45 no. 1 [Franz Wohlfahrt]
  4. Study op. 32 no. 14 [Hans Sitt]
  5. Study op. 45 no. 4 [Franz Wohlfahrt]
  6. Theme with Variations [Charles de Beriot]
  7. Study no. 4 [Nicolas Laoureux]
  8. Study in d minor [Anatoli Komarowski]
  9. Study op. 32 no. 7 [Hans Sitt]
  10. Study op. 45 no. 16 [Franz Wohlfahrt]
  11. Study op. 20 no. 3 [Heinrich Ernst Kayser]
  12. Study op. 45 no. 27 [Franz Wohlfahrt]
  13. Study no. 24 [Nicolas Laoureux]
  14. Study op. 32 no. 6 [Hans Sitt]
  15. Study op. 20 no. 2 [Heinrich Ernst Kayser]
  16. Study op. 45 no. 28 [Franz Wohlfahrt]
  17. Study no. 35 [Bartolomeo Campagnoli]
  18. Study op. 32 no. 82 [Hans Sitt]
  19. Study op. 32 no. 15 [Hans Sitt]
  20. Theme with Variation The Red Sarafa [Alexei Janschinow]

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  • Part 1: Violin
  • Part 2: Piano
Category: Violin Study Books
Publisher: De Haske Publications
Publisher's reference: 1043671
Our Stock Code: 1649505
; includes accompaniment Online Audio

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