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Seidman Flute Stopper Plug

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Our Description

Manufacturer's Description

"Since the modern flute was developed by Theobald Boehm in the 1860's, cork has remained the material for sealing the end. Cork tends to dry out and then leak air over a few years. Once the seal is lost, the resonance losses containment and sound quality and volume suffer noticeably. Every slight change in the mouthpiece area has a significant effect on the sound of the flute, because slight changes are amplified by the length of the flute tubing.  Because the stopper plug is located so near the mouthpiece, it also has a significant effect on the sound quality.

"I embarked on a quest to manufacture the best possible flute stopper plug.  Remarkably enough I have been successful. Improving the projection and reducing resistance came very quickly, by creating a hollowed out, hourglass type shape. The increased space around the head joint tubing allows for full vibration of the tubing for a full rich tone with less air hiss. Controlling the pitch while maintaining the increased resonance was my biggest challenge, however.  This was solved by the addition of the third "O" ring. This middle ring is not necessary for the seal (there are already 2 rings for that), however it provides the additional dampening to bring the pitch into proper balance and gain a more nuanced control of the tone.  Proper resistance allows for more tone control.

"The increased resonance of my plug reduces resistance and makes it easier to play.  You will be amazed at the ease of playing those difficult notes in the third octave, and the clarity and fullness of those notes, without being shrill.  No facilitator key is needed to reach high 'e' cleanly with my plug. At the other end, the low notes have more punch and response and need less adjustment of the lip position by the player."

Customer Reviews

"I have already bought 2 stoppers from you. The difference it has made to the sound of my flutes is just astounding.  You have done a very good thing for flutes!"
Robin - London, UK

"These are fantastic. Really aids in getting a solid, dark, vibrant sound. Maximizes projection but with a beautiful sound and solid low register. These increase control and lock in 3rd octave tuning. Amazing!"
Joe - USA

"I installed one of your stoppers in my new Hammig flute head, Man, that stopper made that flute sing like Pavarotti. I put another in my Rudall Carte head with similar results.There are no stoppers around the world that can compare with yours, You are a genius!"
Carlos - USA


  • Replaces the cork assembly in your headjoint
  • Acoustically reflective plastic
  • Allows the tubing walls to vibrate more fully
  • Fits all known brands of concert flutes: wood and metal, vintage and new.

For full installation instructions, please click on the following link: Seidman Flute Stopper Installation Guide

Item Details

Manufacturer: Seidman Flute Technologies
Category: Flute Crowns and Stoppers