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Scaling the Heights: A Guide to Good Clarinet Playing


Our Description

Scaling the Heights is a collection of original, solo study pieces for clarinet progressing in difficulty, from Grade 1 to Grade 8, with some tough ones thrown in for the seriously determined! The book includes helpful information to enable the student to gain maximum benefit from practicing these pieces.

As versatility is now expected of the modern clarinetist, the styles within vary, and should be interpreted accordingly. However, many of the studies are in ‘swing’ style, as this musical form lends itself to some interesting rhythm, and is fun to play.

The clarinet is a wonderfully fascinating musical instrument and, for some, can become a magnificent obsession. I have gained much pleasure and satisfaction during the past 35 years from seeing my students develop their musicianship and abilities but, above all, their enthusiasm for music, and our chosen instrument, is special.

This book has been a ‘labour of love’ and, in working on it. I have endeavoured to write pieces which are challenging, rewarding and enjoyable to practice. I hope I have been successful in doing so, and that this work will serve in helping you to share in my own enthusiasm, assists you in achieving your potential and, ultimately, your own musical aspirations. Enjoy!

Difficulty guide: 1-9
Difficulty level, roughly compared to ABRSM exam grades. 0 is beginner, 9 is advanced (beyond grade 8).


  1. Going Places                                   
  2. Mesto                                                           
  3. Scaling the Heights                       
  4. Valse                                                           
  5. Paris Nights                                   
  6. Out of Sync                                   
  7. Lonely Hearts                                   
  8. Dance of the Pagliacci (clowns)           
  9. Off the Mark                                   
  10. Hop, Skip and Jump           
  11. Rock On!                                               
  12. In the Swing                                   
  13. Sometime Soon                       
  14. Only Kiddin'                                   
  15. Hangin' Around                       
  16. Maybe                                                           
  17. Who Knows?                                   
  18. Squeaky Clean                                   
  19. Friends                                                           
  20. Jack the Lad                                   
  21. Takin' It Easy                                   
  22. The Best of Times                       
  23. Sticks 'n' Stones                       
  24. Time Out                                               
  25. Bygone Days                                   
  26. Come What May                       
  27. Sounds Familiar                       
  28. Mean Temperament           
  29. Petite Sue                                               
  30. Organised Chaos                       
  31. Hot, or What?                                   
  32. Sure I'm Sure!                                   
  33. Going Straight                                   
  34. Flying High                                               
  35. Man About Town                       
  36. Dressed To Kill                                   
  37. Soul Mates                                               
  38. Sold as Seen                                   
  39. Food for Thought                       
  40. Suck It and See                                   
  41. Feelin' Great                                   
  42. On the Move                                   
  43. Slick Licks                                               
  44. Scotch On the Rocks           
  45. Enough's Enough                       
  46. Gag and Homer                       
  47. In Your Dreams                                   
  48. Alla Tarantella                                   
  49. Rantin' 'n' Ravin'                       
  50. Make Up Your Mind!
  51. On the Edge                                   
  52. In the Fast Lane                                   
  53. Now Get This!                                   
  54. Cascades                                               
  55. Cat On the Prowl                       
  56. Somersaults                                   
  57. Rough and Tumble                       
  58. Chasing Your Tail                       
  59. Hoe Down                                               
  60. Up a Gum Tree                                   
  61. High Fives                                               
  62. Guess So!                                               
  63. Storm In a Teacup                       
  64. Cascades (2)                                   
  65. Fantasy                                                           
  66. Soliloquy                                               
  67. Passing the Buck (duet)           
  68. Solitude (duet)                                   
  69. On The Up (duet)                       
  70. In The Groove (duet)           
  71. That's A Wrap! (duet)  

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