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Robin Reed 'Whistle' Christmas Crackers, White - Box of 8

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Manufacturer's Description

Concerto music crackers with red and white notation design.

Inside each handmade cracker in addition to the snap, party hat and joke you will find a different musical whistle and numbered badge which everyone shouldwear. Nominate someone to be the ‘conductor’ who, following the simple numbered music sheet and using the enclosed baton, points at each person (depending on their badge number) to blow their whistle the result: beautiful music…or total chaos!
If less than 8 people present, then some will need to have 2 or more different whistles to blow but make sure you blow the right one at the right time!

Pack contains eight crackers.

Our Description

The perfect accompaniment to Christmas dinner! Instead of the usual "novelties", each cracker contains a tuned whistle. Using the enclosed song sheet, the nominated conductor points at each person to blow their whistle at the right time, and create a "memorable" after-dinner performance!


  • 8 crackers containing tuned whistles
  • 1 song sheet with selection of carols and popular tunes
  • 1 conductor's baton
  • Jokes and party hats

Item Details

Manufacturer: Robin Reed
Category: Christmas Shop

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