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Bigio Heat-Treated Zirconium Headjoint Stopper with Zirconium Crown, Size 1

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Our Description

"A simple, cheap and easy-to-install improvement to any flute headjoint. Simply remove the crown and stopper from your headjoint, fit the new stopper, fit the new crown. The difference in sound and response is astonishing.

"Both stopper and crown are held in place with an O-ring. Flute players are amazed (and I continue to be amazed) how the sound of a flute changes when these gadgets are fitted. Players who use them have said their flutes have become louder, smoother and more responsive.

"Fitting is easy. Simply unscrew the original crown and push out the original stopper using the tool supplied. The tool is hollow and will apply pressure to the stopper itself, not to the screw. Next, put the new stopper in the headjoint and push it into position with the tool. The three lines on the tool will help you find the correct position. Finally, push the new crown into position. The whole job takes just a minute."

In a recent issue of the British Flute Society magazine, Pan, David Symington published an article describing some stoppers in over a dozen materials from aluminium to zirconium. This article has now been published on the Web, on Larry Krantz's site.


  • Zirconium stopper with O-ring
  • Heat-treated for a deep, black, mirror finish
  • Fits almost any headjoint
  • The crown will fit most headjoints. Please note that we may need to adjust your headjoint to fit perfectly. There is no charge for this.

Item Details

Manufacturer: Robert Bigio
Category: Flute Crowns and Stoppers

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