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"Rudiments of Music - How to Care for the Clarinet - The Reed - The Mouthpiece - The Position of the Hands on the Clarinet - The Playing Position - The Embouchure - Staccati and Attack - Clarinet Fingering Chart - ""Quarter Notes - Half Notes - Whole and Half Rests"" - Half-Steps (Chromatic Scale)@@@ two short pieces - The Whole Note@@@ three short pieces - Dotted Half Notes@@@ Three Quarter Time@@@ two short pieces - Common Time@@@ two short pieces - ""Quarter Notes - Scale and Skipwise@@@ one short piece"" - The Slur@@@ Excercises for the Right and Left small fingers@@@ two short pieces - Alla Breve@@@ Two-Half Time - The Register Change - Eighth Notes@@@ one short piece - ""Eighth Notes - continued@@@ Eighth Rests@@@ two short pieces"" - Three-Eighth Time@@@ Mechanisms - Dotted Quarter and Eighth Notes@@@ two short pieces - Three Short solos@@@ one short duet - Chromatic Scales - Broken Chords - Staccato - Attack and Release@@@ one short piece - Studies in G Major@@@ one short duet - Studies in Articulation@@@ one short duet - Six-Eighth Time@@@ two short duets - Studies in F Major@@@ one short duet - Studies in Enharmonic Passages@@@ one short duet - Studies in Intervals@@@ one short duet - Studies in D Major@@@ one short duet - Triplets@@@ one short duet - Sixteenth Notes@@@ two short pieces - Two Duets - Mechanisms in D Major@@@ one short duet - Studies in Bb Major@@@ two short pieces - Nine-Eighth and Twelve-Eight Time@@@ two short pieces - Mechanisms in Bb Major@@@ two short pieces - Studies in A Major - Studies in Crescendo and Decrescendo - Two Duets - Dotted Eighth Notes followed by Sixteenths@@@ two short pieces - Syncopation - Two short duets - Review of Major Scales - Relative Minor Scales"

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Category: Clarinet Tutor Books
Publisher: Carl Fischer
Publisher's reference: O4766
Our Stock Code: 1622348
Media Type: Paperback

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