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myfife in C, Rosewood Finish

£10.79 excluding VAT (UK Export and VAT Assisted Purchase price)

Our Description

myfife is a perfect instrument for people interested in learning to play an instrument because it is:

  • simple
  • inexpensive
  • small
  • unbreakable

It is possible to teach all of the following using myfife:

  • embouchure – making a good sound
  • holding – balance and posture
  • breathing/tonguing
  • notes – only use fingerings that are the same as on the flute
  • music reading/improvisation/composition/rhythmic development
  • Commitment – if the child practices on a fife he/she will get even more pleasure from a flute (or another woodwind instrument).

The fife can easily be taught in a one-to-one, small group or whole class situation.



  • Plastic 2-piece construction
  • Tuneable
  • Simulated matte, rosewood finish
  • Key of C
  • Excellent for teaching beginner flute players
  • Includes fingering chart and zipped bag

This simulated rosewood myFife is made with a slightly different ABS resin mix to that of the black myFife. This gives it a warmer quality more similar to the resonant sound of wood.

Item Details

Manufacturer: myfife - myfife online
Model number: MF2-RW
Category: Fifes