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Fun and Games with the Recorder Tutor Book 3 [Descant Recorder]


From the Publisher

A special method for beginners. First published by Schott in German in 1990. The translation and adaption into English has been made by Peter Bowman. three Volumes for the descant recorder which advance in small steps and include many playful elements suitable for both group and individual lessons. • Discover the adventure of learning the recorder • Make real progress through games: breathing • A mixture of lively new and traditional tunes • Three supplementery tune books each with a sheet of stickers • Teacher's commentary • Join Dotty-do-a-lot and her friends in the exciting orld of music "Fun and Games with the Recorder" is a comprehensive recorder tutor covering all stages from the first notes of the beginner up to the point of preofessional instruction for budding performers. Although the recorder is often the instrument with wich children will make their first musical discoveries, it is also an instrument of the highest artistic merit. This series of books tries to link these two extremes, providing a carefully planned pathway between first, playful contact with the instrument and professional recorder playing. The three Tutor Books are suitable for use both with small groups and for individual tuition. Progress is methodical and is made in small steps placing great value on consistent work with breathing, sound production and the development of rhythmic security. In the Tutor books we speak directly to the child and provide carefully planned, precisely formulated exercises. We recognise that some children learning the recorder will not yet be able to read, but hope that this will provide an opportunity for a parent or teacher to become involved in the learning process. Each step in this process should be fun and accessable to both the parent/teacher and the child. Tutor Book 1 is intended for children from about six years of age. Previous musical experience is not essential but undoubtedly would prove useful. It concentrates on the notes B, A, g, E1, C2 and D2, leaving sufficient time and space for the development of articulation, rhythmic security and breathing techniques. Tutor Book 2 adds the notes C1, D2, F2, E2, F2 and B flat, whilst Tutor Book 3 completes the range up to C3 - at which point the treble recorder can be introduced. Tutor Books 1, 2 and 3 are complemented by Tune Books 1, 2 and 3. The tune Books are matched to the stages of learning process of the Tutor Books and provide additional practice pieces and exercises, sometimes with accompainment. In the Teacher's Commentary we explain the teaching methodology behind the tutor and provide stimulation for ideas for lessons. It will be helpful if the child has a manuscript book of her or his own, or some m


taken from the foreword:

'Tutor Books 1,2 and 3 are complemented by Tune Books 1,2 and 3. The Tune Books are matched to the stages of the learning process of the Tutor Books and provide additional practice pieces and exercises, sometimes with accompaniment.'

  • High G
  • Low and high F#
  • The scale of G major
  • Three-eighth and six-eight time
  • Semiquavers
  • The scale of D minor
  • The scale of E minor
  • C#
  • Five-four time
  • High A
  • Dotted quavers
  • Low G#
  • High G#
  • Low C#
  • Low D# (E flat)
  • If you want to go even higher..........
  • Fingering Chart

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Category: Recorder Tutor Books
Publisher: Schott
Publisher's reference: ED12594
Part of the Fun and Games with the Recorder series
Our Stock Code: 1101614
Media Type: Paperback (56 pages [score])