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Essentials of Jazz Theory Book 3
Includes CD

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taken from the blurb:

'Alfred's Essentials of Jazz Theory is designed for jazz enthusiasts and musicians who want to have a better understanding of the language of jazz...... With this book, you will: learn the essentials of jazz music through concise lessons; practice your jazz music reading and writing skills in the exercises; improve your listening and ear training skills with the CDs; and test your knowledge with a review that completes each unit. You are encouraged to play and/ or sing the musical examples throughout, at first along with the enclosed recording, and then on your own.'

  • Jazz Language - Melodic Soloing & Melodic Sequence
  • Afro-Cuban Jazz
  • Drop-Two Voicings
  • Minor 11th Chords & Suspension Chords
  • Minor Tonic Chord, Jazz Minor Scale
  • Minor ii-V Turnaround, Half-Diminished Chord & V7 (b9) Chord
  • Resolutions & Voice Leading
  • Jazz Language - Scales for the Half-Diminished Chord
  • Jazz Language - Harmonic Minor Scale & Lick for V7 (b9)
  • Turnaround to iv in Minor Keys
  • Minor Turnback, VI7-V7 (b9)-i Cadence
  • Blues Scale in Minor Keys, Minor Pentatonic & Pentatonic/ Blues Scales
  • Turnarounds to III, VI, VII in Minor Keys
  • Minor 12-bar-blues Progression
  • Minor Turnarounds in Major Keys - to ii and vi
  • MInor Turnaround in Major Keys - to iii, Deceptive Cadence (Backdoor Cadence)
  • Altered Dominant Chords (Valt)
  • Jazz Language - Diminished Scale for Dominant Chords & Altered Dominant Cell
  • Jazz Language - Altered Dominant Lick and Scale
  • Step-Down Progression
  • IV-I (Plagal) Progressions, Backdoor Progressions
  • I-VI Progressions
  • ABAC Standard Song Form
  • Slash Chords

Item Details


  • Part 1: Flute
Category: Flute Jazz Studies and Improvisation
Publisher: Alfred
Publisher's reference: 20810
Our Stock Code: 927055
Media Type: Paperback (38 pages [score]); includes accompaniment CD

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