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Urtext Primo 5: Easy Piano Pieces With Practising Tips

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From the Publisher

Volume 5 of the Urtext Primo series shows that great virtuosos were also able to write easy pieces. It brings together perhaps the two best-known keyboard personalities of the 19th century: Frédéric Chopin und Franz Liszt. Technically undemanding, the pieces compiled here nevertheless have all the flavour of the harmony and pianistic texture so typical for these two composers. And playing a ‘real Liszt’ can do much to increase a beginning student’s motivation. The third composer of this volume is Ferdinand Hiller, also a famous 19th century piano virtuoso to whom none less than Robert Schumann had dedicated his piano concerto. As in some works by Liszt and Chopin, Hiller’s compositions also frequently contain echoes of folk music, for example his Irländisches Lied (Irish Song) or his Fandango.

  • 33 easy original piano works by Chopin, Liszt and Hiller with a teaching and learning commentary in German and English
  • Musically and technically varied repertoire
  • Relatively narrow band of complexity of repertoire covering about 2 years of development
  • High quality Urtext edition


  1. Chopin Frédéric: Bourée I in G (KK VIIb/1)
  2. Chopin Frédéric: Bourée II in A (KK VIIb/2)
  3. Chopin Frédéric: Cantabile in B (KK IVb/6)
  4. Chopin Frédéric: Walzer / Waltz / Valse in a (KK IVb/11)
  5. Chopin Frédéric: Sostenuto in Es (KK IVb/10)
  6. Chopin Frédéric: Prélude in e (op. 28/4)
  7. Chopin Frédéric: Prélude in h (op. 28/6)
  8. Chopin Frédéric: Prélude in A (op. 28/7)
  9. Chopin Frédéric: Prélude in c (op. 28/20)
  10. Chopin Frédéric: Polonaise in B (KK IVa/1)
  11. Chopin Frédéric: Mazurka in g (op. 67/2)
  12. Chopin Frédéric: Mazurka in F (op. 68/3)
  13. Chopin Frédéric: Mazurka in As (op. 7/4a)
  14. Liszt Franz: La cloche sonne
  15. Liszt Franz: Ländler in As
  16. Liszt Franz: Andantino in As
  17. Liszt Franz: Ich liebe Dich
  18. Liszt Franz: Andante in Des
  19. Liszt Franz: Wiegenlied / Lullaby / Chant du berceau
  20. Liszt Franz: Sancta Dorothea
  21. Liszt Franz: Ave Maria
  22. Liszt Franz: Weihnachtslied / Christmas carol / Chant de Noel
  23. Liszt Franz: Die Hirten an der Krippe / The shepherds at the manger / Les Bergers à la crèche
  24. Liszt Franz: Adagio religioso
  25. Hiller Ferdinand von: Irländisches Lied / Irish Song / Chant irlandais (op. 117/2)
  26. Hiller Ferdinand von: Schottisches Lied / Scottish Song / Chant écossais (op. 117/19)
  27. Hiller Ferdinand von: Italienisches Lied / Italien Song / Chant italien (op. 117/31)
  28. Hiller Ferdinand von: Polnisches Lied / Polish Song / Chant polonaise (op. 117/18)
  29. Hiller Ferdinand von: Russisches Lied / Russian Song / Chant russe (op. 117/26)
  30. Hiller Ferdinand von: Fandango (op. 117/28)
  31. Hiller Ferdinand von: Ballade (op. 117/16)
  32. Hiller Ferdinand von: Schlummerlied / Slumber Song / Berceuse (op. 66/I/2)
  33. Hiller Ferdinand von: Lied / Song (op. 66/II/2)

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  • Part 1: Piano
Category: Classical Piano Albums
Publisher: Wiener Urtext Edition - Urtext
Publisher's reference: UT52009
Our Stock Code: 1465204
Media Type: Paperback (64 pages [score])