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Brannen Brothers A1 Silver Key Extension Quarter-Offset Regular

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Manufacturer's Description

In 1994, Brannen Brothers introduced Key Extensions, a tool which allows flutists to reconfigure keys into a more comfortable positions to avert or relieve painful hand problems. These extensions are designed to fit Brannen-Cooper® Flutes and normally will not fit other flutes. Key Extensions snap into the open hole keys. 

Key extensions offer many benefits:

  • Adjustable: You can reposition them whenever necessary.
  • Flexible: Extensions come in three different types and six different sizes. Whether you select one or many, use the exact configuration that works for you.
  • Removable: If your needs change, or if you sell your flute, extensions can be removed with minimal work.
  • Inexpensive: Extensions cost less than custom keywork.

The six sizes of French cup extensions are designated as follows:

  • A1: short, level with key
  • A2: short, angles to key
  • B1: medium, level with key
  • B2: medium, angles to key
  • C1: long, level with key
  • C2: long, angles to key

Our Description

These key extensions can transform your playing experience if you find playing an open-holed flute uncomfortable. They are available in three lengths meaning that you can extend the key from quarter-offset to fully-offset. They are also available as level to the key or angled downwards; some players may find the angled key piece more comfortable, whereas players with larger hands may find the level key fits better.

A major benefit of these extensions is that they can effectively transform an inline flute to offset. However, they can be fitted to any key to make that touchpiece more ergonomic.

These are designed by Brannen-Cooper to fit their own flutes, however we may be able to fit to other brands. If you do not own a Brannen-Cooper flute, we would advise you to contact us prior to placing an order with your specific requirements.

About Brannen Brothers

Since Brannen Brothers was founded in 1978, they have earned a worldwide reputation for unsurpassed excellence. There is no doubt about their place in the market; discerning flutists have placed them squarely at the top. Throughout the flute community, they are known as the company that leads the way in innovation and standard setting. Every flute and headjoint bearing the Brannen Brothers name is handmade to exacting standards of craftsmanship, and every one displays the most advanced mechanical design and acoustic technology available in the world today.


  • .925 solid key extension
  • Designed to fit flutes with an open hole diameter of 0.277"
  • Also may fit other flutes - please contact us

Item Details

Manufacturer: Brannen Brothers
Category: Flute Open Hole Plugs

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