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Beatboxing and Beyond: An Essential Method for the 21st-Century Flutist

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  • Staff Pick

Staff Pick

“This is great!”

Chris Hankin Just Flutes staff member - [email protected]

There are several books available that deal with extended techniques and this is such  a good addition to their number. It's well laid out with specific chapters that deal with one skill at a time, each one following the same format. There is firstly a clear description including how the technique is notated, followed by a 'Break it down and build it up' practice guide and then a study. This book is really easy to follow, you don't have to be advanced to use it and it could possibly be inspirational for some more moderate students who perhaps need a new direction. Don't miss it!

From the Publisher

An Essential Method for the 21st-Century Flutist. A method book for flutists looking to develop their extended techniques such as beatboxing, jet whistles, singing and playing, multiphonics, among many others. Etudes composed by Nicole Chamberlain and Dr. Mary Matthews wrote an instructional outline on how to prepare and teach each etude.

Whether you are looking to diversify your practice routine, add more 20th and 21st-century music to your repertoire list, or develop new ways to teach the wide range of extended techniques on the flute, we have resources here for you! Throughout this book you will find descriptions, practice techniques, standard notation, troubleshooting ideas, and etudes covering fourteen of the most common types of extended techniques.

While mastering extended techniques will allow you to explore the full range of flute repertoire from the 1950s through present day, the practice of extended techniques also provides excellent benefits to traditional flute playing and musicianship skills. These benefits include a more refined and open tone, greater projection, improved air support, overall endurance, and refinement of ear training skills. Study of these etudes and an understanding of the outlined practice techniques can equally improve your performance and interpretation of Bach, Mozart, and Chaminade as well as Ian Clarke, George Crumb, and Jennifer Higdon.

Like any developing flute skill, it is best to practice these techniques using scales, technical exercises, tone exercises, and etudes before jumping into pieces that use their most advanced forms. In addition to working on the etudes in this book, I recommend applying all of these techniques to daily practice of traditional tone and technique books such as Taffanel and Gaubert’s 17 Daily Exercises or Moyse’s De la Sonorité. Use these exercises as building blocks paired with the etudes in this book, and you will simultaneously improve your flute fundamentals while gaining the essential skills to tackle standards of the flute repertoire from the past 70 years.

Flutist Quarterly Review (Fall 2021):

“Beatboxing and Beyond is a revelation—it’s a worthy addition to all our libraries. The explanations alone are clearer than most I’ve seen, and the breakdown of steps for how to achieve the desired effect is brilliant. Chamberlain’s etudes are accessible and challenging, and as with so much of her music, they’re also clever and fun.”

Our Description

Finalist: NFA Newly Published Music Awards 2022

Difficulty guide: 5-7
Difficulty level, roughly compared to ABRSM exam grades. 0 is beginner, 9 is advanced (beyond grade 8).


Etudes and Extended Techniques in the book:

Part One: Tone Development

  • Aflutter (Flutter Tongue)
  • Bullseye (Harmonics)
  • Whistlin’ Winds (Whistle Tones)
  • Multiplicity (Multiphonics)

Part Two: Ear Training

  • The Bends (Pitch Bends)
  • Betwixt (Quartertones and Timbral Trills)
  • Use Your Head (Headjoint Only)
  • Distortion (Sing and Play)

Part Three: Projection and Coordination

  • Propulsion (Jet Whistle)
  • Clickbait (Key Clicks)
  • Junction (Speak and Play)

Part Four: Air Support and Endurance

  • Boxed In (Beatboxing)
  • Plucked (Pizzicato Tongue)
  • Bubbling (Tongue Ram)

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  • Part 1: Flute
Category: Flute Extended Technique Books
Publisher: Spotted Rocket Publishing
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Media Type: Paperback (53 pages [score])