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Product Reviews: 20 Melodic Studies Book 3

Jean-Michel Damase

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5.0 out of 5 (1 review)

5 out of 5 “Useful and enjoyable”

Reviewed by Robin, 12 years ago
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Having exhaustively played most of the Books I and II studies (and a few from Book IV), I thought I would try Book III. (I have had Books I, II and IV about 10 years.)

Book III is proving most useful and enjoyable. Obviously challenging, but that's good since it's productive to be 'thrown in at the deep end' and really made to work hard.

I would recommend it to a friend but would make clear it's contemporary and French. I do not understand why these studies are considered any more melodic than those in the other books. Some are more 'technical' than 'melodic'. That's no problem, though.

I found a few printing errors in Book II but nothing in III, yet.

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