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Product Reviews: Sunstreams and Sunday Morning for Flute and Piano

Ian Clarke

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5.0 out of 5 (1 review)

5 out of 5 “Challenging, yet achievable!”

Reviewed by Joseph, 12 years ago
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Two fantastic pieces by Ian Clarke, that will challenge you at first (especially rhythmically), however once you master the rhythms these pieces will become two of your favourites! The quality of the music is very good and is clearly legible.

'Sunstreams' has no extended techniques in it, however, it does contain notes up to A 3rd 8ve, and a faster passage containing several nonuplets, which can be tricky. It is roughly grade 7-8 standard.

'Sunday morning', in my opinion , is more challenging. It contains extended techniques such as timbral trills, and notes up to B 3rd 8ve. There are also many grace notes and ornaments that can prove tricky. Neither piece requires open holes or a b-foot joint.

I would definitely recommend these pieces as they are very enjoyable to play, and give great pleasure to the player. Enjoy!

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