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Product Reviews: Timeless for Piccolo and Piano

Ken Benshoof


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5 out of 5 “A great find!”

Reviewed by Alison, 10 months ago
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I love this piece. It is a great piece for piccolo, and it shows off the lovely middle range of the instrument. So much piccolo music chirps away in the high register which can get quite taxing to play and listen to. However this piece sits comfortably in the mid range and shows off the beautiful tonal colours and effects possible on the piccolo. However, it is harder than it looks! To begin with I was surprised that it had been graded as Grade 9 as it is possible for an advanced player to sight read through it. But there are complex changes of timing and it is difficult to fit with the piano part as the two parts often have very different rhythms. So you will need a very competent pianist.

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