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Product Reviews: Hercules DS602B Flute/Clarinet Peg [Peg Only]

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Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5 (2 reviews)

5 out of 5 “Flute Clarinet Peg - My usage is for flute only”

Reviewed by Eamonn, 9 months ago
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Works fine on my Hercules Alto flute stand. Slight friction when inserting the flute but not enough to cause any concern. Seems good quality and cushions the flute.

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2 out of 5 “Broke within an hour of use”

Reviewed by Mark, 6 years ago
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I wanted a stand that would hold a flute, an alto flute and piccolo for playing in a theatre orchestra pit with lots of instrument changes.
This peg attaches securely to my alto flute stand by a thick bolt.
The stand itself is velvet covered and fits my flute snugly: there is no rattle but also no pressure put on the instrument.

However, this peg is trying to be a clarinet stand and a flute stand at the same time. That caused a problem. A flute stand only needs to be a cylinder. The clarinet stand needs to be cone-shaped. This peg has both shapes as part of it, but to make the cylinder tall enough for the flute, it would intrude too far into the bore of the clarinet. To solve this problem, they spring-loaded the cylinder, so it can compress rather than put pressure on the clarinet bore.
To stop the spring-loaded part springing off the end, there is a tiny rubber retaining ring. This tiny part broke within an hour of use.
Without a working spring, this peg is now too short to be stable for the flute.

Might be a one-off problem, but a tiny rubber ring is always subject to perishing. To me, it looks over-engineered as a result of trying to do two jobs instead of one.

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