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Product Reviews: JP146 "Atom" Sopranino Saxophone

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5.0 out of 5 (1 review)

5 out of 5 “Great Value Horn...It Plays!”

Reviewed by Samuel, 2 years ago
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Well, let me say this…it played out of the box! Nothing fell off (cork, keys, pads, pearls) and it feels solid:
-It was in tune (for a sopranino, and I have owned two prior to this), even using the supplied, plastic mouthpiece (of course using a Yanagisawa mouthpiece, it plays much nicer). The Eb and Ab really do play well in tune. Some places I have to lip some, but I do that on my Yanagisawa, too.
-Finish looks nice on body. And keywork finish was even, too, and only a few spots of runs. A few cosmetic flaws on keys, but nothing to diminish look or playability.
-Pads seem to be of good quality…feel good and are working.
-Tone holes “look” even but you would have to rip the horn apart to be sure (and a qualified tech to look over, which I am not). As a layman, the pads and tone holes do seem to do their job.
-Cork bumpers were probably the least, best part of the horn. They work but look cheap. The makers of the horn would really “knock this thing out the park” in terms of quality to purchase value if these details had more attention. And how expensive is good cork, really? Well, maybe it is! (To be fair, compared to my Yana SC 991, the Yanagisawa also has a few areas of cork that you would ask, “that’s what you get for $5K bucks [when new]?”
-Key work feels good when playing and it does not feel like a cheap horn. The keywork feels good and works well. Springs appear to be blue steel.

For a sopranino at this price range it plays well and in tune. And YMMV of course (mouthpiece, reed, lips/experience).
Just my experience so far that I wanted to share on this John Packer 146 Sopranino “Atom,” as I have read very few layperson reviews on this sax.
It is a fun little horn. Using a Yana Metal 7 and a Selmer D I had previously with Vandoren 2’s.

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